review tuesday: YOGA

i understand if you’re not a bendy person that you might think yoga’s not for you. what’s the point, you think? why bother if i can’t even get close to touching my toes? 

after doing yoga regularly for about four years, i’ll tell you what i’ve learned: it’s not about getting into the pose; it’s about the stretch. and you know what else yoga’s about? the breathing. the breath is more important than one might think. 

but what i like the most about yoga? it requires a level of concentration that’s close to meditation; i am so focused on getting my body into the appropriate alignment and pose that my mind doesn’t wander to anything else. add in the deep, regular breathing, and for someone with anxiety, this is a great way to relax your mind while stretching your body.

(and while it’s NOT about getting into a pose, let me tell you – getting into a pose for the first time is exhilarating!)


let me tell you about what this post is really about. my review this tuesday is about fightmaster yoga. when i first started tooling around youtube looking for a great yoga channel, i was looking for something that wasn’t too peppy, relaxing to watch, while still doing various types of yoga. when i needed slow yoga, i’d like that. when i want some vinyasa flow (this is most of the time), there’s that. i also wanted someone who was a little more real and had a soothing voice. after previewing a few channels, i found fightmaster yoga (that links to her youtube channel) and have been with her ever since.

i am so happy about having her as my virtual yoga master that i subscribed to her patreon and donated to her. i’m thinking of signing up for her align course, which you do via video chat to make sure you’re doing your poses correctly. 


i’m doing this review because starting in january, she’s doing another 30 days of yoga for the new year. it’s a great way to try to get yoga in every day. it’s a perfect time to get your yoga on!

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