so i was going to do a foodie friday, but i’ve been at conference the past couple days and the food, while good, was not made by me. i suppose i could review it quickly, but i want to do a reprise of word wednesday but on a friday.

thursday: we had a mexican food bar for lunch then headed to tin whiskers for supper, which is actually just a brewery. so i had a beer there, and the system office ordered in black sheep pizza, which was really good! i would like to go to black sheep and just get a bunch of pizza. after we left, i walked to keys cafe and got a piece of pumpkin pie, which was delicious. 

that was the interesting food.

word break

let’s talk about what’s happening this weekend: daylight saving time. note: daylight saving time. NO S.

daylight savings is a misspelling. i’m sorry that you’ve been saying it wrong all this time, but it’s time to switch it back. drop that S! i checked why we use the S, and it’s guessed that it’s because it’s used in everyday speech like savings account. so, check the S. it’s not supposed to be there.

this weekend is the big fall back day, so check your non-phone clocks! we get an extra hour of sleep, but we also lose an hour of light at the end of the day, so that bums me out. welcome, SAD! 

(contrary to popular opinion, i LOVE DST. i love the extra light at the end of the workday, the 9:30 p.m. sunsets. sorry, whiny celebrities on twitter. that’s the way it is.)