review tuesday: netflix

i was planning on reviewing stranger things today, but i felt like i should’ve watched season 1 again on top of season 2 to really review it, and i haven’t done that. i’ll say this about stranger things: steve kind of redeemed himself at the end of season one when he came in swinging with his nail-laden bat, but he REALLY nailed it this season. i think i’m a little in love with season 2 steve.

but i want to review netflix in general. i’ve been using netflix since 2003 when i got my subscription for dvds in the mail. oooh, it was fun getting my dvd in the mail! that red envelope in the mailbox was quite the excitement. this was, of course, back when i had the attention span to watch a movie in one sitting. 

when netflix announced that it was going to launch streaming, i hopped right on board. i always do like jumping on the new technology bandwagon. then when the plugin came for my ps3, that was even better. now i could watch it on my tv!

then when netflix came out with its own tv series (shame, kevin spacey, but HoC was fun at the beginning).

and while netflix has slowly been decreasing its library of offerings, and if you really want to watch a new release or somethign specific, you have to rent it from amazon or vudu, netflix is a great time waster. there are tons of documentaries, and generally if you’re looking for something to watch while you’re wondering what to do with life, they’ve got it.

occasionally there’s a new release, and sometimes you find what you’re looking for. and there is always the great time waster: spending hours just browsing netflix. 

right now i’m watching the latest season of great british baking show that just came available. 

i think about watching tv like i used to – watching an episode and having to wait a week for the next episode to come out. and then there were the reruns in the middle of the season before the second half of the season’s new episodes came out. ahhh! although that has its merits as well: there is something to the anticipation of waiting for your show to come on.

but, the instant gratification child in me is happy that i can binge watch everything.

so, with that, i’ve got to get back to watching GBBS.