most awesome moments

i’ve taken pity on you and decided to write another (non-houseblog) post.

awesome life moments, in no order, except as they come to me in my head. most of these aren’t awesome in the true sense of the word. they are just memories that i remember occasionally and smile when i think about them.

1. best day ever – big gay race/crypticon 2013 with jane. between rainbows in the morning and zombies in the evening with too much to drink, this really was an awesome day.

2. walking through the autumn woods at st. john’s for all those years.

3. when nate and i drove to utah for branden’s wedding. it was a good trip, fun wedding, awesome time. nate and i went to visit the state park island in the great salt lake just as the sun was setting – mountains surrounding us and dirt under our feet. on the way home we stopped in the black hills.

4. speaking of the hills, doing the deadwood tour with my sibs. ate a cheap (but good!) steak at an outdoor bar along with some rocky mountain oysters (I love watching kitchen staff use the shucking knife, I don’t know why, my guess is that I am anticipating those pearls and just can’t wait!), then gambled our way up and down the cobblestoned main street.

5. almost seeing santa claus. i was 2-1/2. i was so close. whenever i remember it now, i get hope butterflies in my chest.

6. going to a podunk bar with kerin and angie on a random saturday night. kerin wanted to go see the band, so angie and i went with her to raymond, mn – population 30, i think. cars lined the streets on both sides, all visitors for the two bars the dinky town housed. kerin went to find some people she knew, and angie and i sat at the bar, had a few drinks, and enjoyed the music.

7. the first time nate and i went to the MN state fair. i was amazed at what i’d been missing all those years – what was i thinking, not going??

8. the day in high school when the pep band (yes, i was in the pep band) traveled to the girls’ basketball tournament in the cities and then to the boys’ basketball regions in st. cloud. long day, but absolutely fun!

9. the day i quit merrill. i never felt more free. i miss a lot of the people, but the place and work were pulling me under.

10. finishing nanowrimo in 2007 and 2011. the sense of accomplishment when you tip over 50,000 words is like none other!

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