a real minnesota list

every big-time list i read about the top 10 things to do in minnesota or the 10 best restaurants or the 5 most excellent concert venues, or blah blah blah is really a way for the twin cities to affirm its existence. so let’s do a REAL minnesota list.

the best thing about each minnesota region.

northwest- this is true north. home ofΒ lake itasca, the headwaters of the mississippi river, and the lakes in the region are awesome. plus, bemidji is in the northwest, and we can’t forget about mr. bunyan and babe.

northland– duluth, boundary waters, lake superior, tons of pine trees. nate’s hometown of international falls.

west central– home to NL-S – represent! (seriously though, the new london-spicer area is a great tourist place.)

central– lake woebegone – need i say more?? nothing beats the st. joe-avon-albany-holdingford area. plus, the colleges in the area bring in a lot of big artsy talent, especially at CSB|SJU, and the the lakes region is awesome.

southwest– i love driving through the southwest part of the state after a long drive through south dakota. it’s so refreshing. anyway, this prairie part of the state has the lutefisk capital of the world in it, the schwann’s headquarters in marshall, and awesome wind power for wind turbines.

southeast– bluff country. check out the root river trail and the little towns all along the rivers. also, this area of minnesota has the most local, small-time farmers willing to sell you their stuff.

metro– moa. that’s all you get.


anything else you’d like to add to outstate?

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