tomorrow is my 10-year blogging anniversary. i need to do something spectacular, but i don’t know what.
since nate is unemployed, i’m picking up some odd jobs on the side. i just did my grandma’s taxes (they were uber easy) and i’m also going to do some webwork for my old supervisor at merrill (the nice one). taxes are done, and the webwork one should be fun. easy way to bring in money to pay for my fancy clothes for wine and roses.
i’m still figuring out my new computer stuff. i have to get my fonts off my old mac, and i still haven’t figured out optimal monitor settings for the new one. slowly but surely, i guess!
i’ve been on a baking spree, and as soon as my dad finds his martha stewart cookie cookbook, i’m going to try to do a month of cookies (maybe not every day, but at least twice a week!).
i got awesome canadian candy in the mail today! my pal dave from canada sent some candy down here, including kinder eggs, which apparently makes me a felon. so far my favorite is the coffee crisp, which is kind of like a coffee flavored (mild) kit kat. yummy!

2 thoughts on “wow

    1. if they want to come after me for kinder eggs while the NSA is doing what it’s doing and bankers are getting away with their crap, then so be it. i will be an example.

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