happy 10-year blogiversary!

happy 10-year blogiversary!

ten years ago. 2004. i had just moved out from a bad living situation and was renting a one-bedroom from a nice lady landlord. branden had a livejournal account, and even though i’d been bugging him to refer me so i could get an account, he declined. “yeah, i don’t want to give it to you if you’re not going to use it.”
10 years later, who’s still blogging? huh branden?
fortunately livejournal opened up for general consumption, and i grabbed an account and started typing 10 years ago today.
10 years ago:

  1. i was in grad school after moving from one bad job to another bad job
  2. had just started seeing a guy i’d eventually marry
  3. was going through a mild quarter-life crisis
  4. still had the same old cat (chasey!)
  5. had only been using the internet for 7 (7!) years
  6. had a two-DVDs/month plan with netflix

my blog has gone through a couple transformations in the past 10 years. i went from a livejournal-hosted blog to a personal website-hosted blog in 2008. i lost a year and a half’s worth of entries in the great blog migration of 2012. my livejournal (house of kate) is still alive, but i’ve deleted everything from it and put it here. and believe it or not, i actually opened up a blogspot blog a year or two before my livejournal, but who knows what the web address is or the date i started it (it was pretty short-lived), so even though i’ve “technically” been blogging for more than 10 years, this is the easily recorded anniversary.
i have two consistent readers i know of for sure: my sisters. thanks to them for at least showing me some traffic. i know there are more of you, but my sisters for sure have read my blog over the past 10 years.
and to celebrate my blogiversary, instead of getting myself a cake, i will give my readers a list of my top ten blogs.

  1. undeniable proof
  2. a bathroom review
  3. the best kind of books
  4. goodwill toward all
  5. it’s hard, jane
  6. christmastime
  7. it was the best of times…
  8. shhh
  9. whenever
  10. home
  11. bonus: TMI Tuesday: 90s edition (read at your own risk)
life in the cheese drawer, it turns out, is cheesy and can keep you stopped up for days.
life in the cheese drawer, it turns out, is cheesy and can keep you stopped up for days.

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