my imac is 8 years old. it’s done me well these past 8 years, and i run creative suite 3 on it and it runs pretty well. unfortunately, i want to use some awesome features in cs6, and i can’t run cs6 on a 32-bit machine (mine. sigh). so i had to get a new machine if i wanted to install my adobe product i bought last year.

so when i got my tax refund, it was time to purchase! i ended up getting a mac mini along with a couple 26″ monitors and extra ram. i’m so excited to get my new stuff up and running, even if i am a total slob and cruise the internets on my phone most of the time. maybe it’ll be a push to take more pics!



it’s frustrating to listen to nate hate his job so much. equally frustrating is him not really doing anything to change his situation, even when i offer to help. if i bring it up too much, i feel like i’m nagging. also frustrating is that along with all this, i barely see the guy and we rarely do anything together. Β >:(

woo money

got my federal tax return back today! that only took about a week and a half, which i think is the quickest i’ve ever gotten a federal return back. unfortunately, a chunk if it is gone to paying some bills, but what can you do. i should have enough to get a new mac at least.

in a couple weeks i’m going to start some of my garden plants indoors. has anyone done this before? i tried three years ago, and while they popped up, they didn’t do much else. any tips or tricks? i think this time around i’m going to put a heating pad underneath the plants, so hopefully that’ll help a little.

in celebration of my tax return, i stopped at a&w for supper tonight. that stuff is delicious, especially their onion rings. yum yum.

wow, this was a pretty mundane post. here’s some linkage for you. one of my fave etsy shops is open for business again: somnambulant

food fail?

i’m trying to eat healthier, which includes me trying to eat more fish. tonight i tried to fry fish and failed. fish fry fail.

anyway, i bought frozen cod from walmart, which may have been my first mistake. the second mistake may have been using cast iron instead of my non-stick pan (which does wonders with chicken tenders!). thirdly, fail may have been Β exacerbated by the flakiness of panko bread crumbs versus real bread crumbs.

the fish may have been saved if i’d seasoned it enough, but even a liberal shaking of old bay seasoning in the panko didn’t do anything for the fish.

so basically i plopped on my plate tonight some gross, slimy cod surrounded by greasy fried panko crumbs. i dipped it in cocktail sauce (aka: ketchup mixed with dijon mustard), which sort of covered up the blahness of the whole ordeal.

thankfully i had a huge sweet potato on the side, which helped things immensely (i eat them sans brown sugar [but yes to the butter], so healthy, right?).

ultimately what really helped was me going to the store aftewards and buying a pint of half baked. that stuff will right any food wrongs. (i just checked again, and whew, no corn syrup.) so much for healthy.


smoothies all around

i’ve been on a smoothie kick lately. and not the green kale and spinach kind, either.

these are smoothies i make after i run forever on the treadmill and need something to pick me up afterward. in the past i’ve added cocoa, peanut butter, or yogurt (GREEK GODS not that crap chobani), but recently i’ve been focusing on fruit.

1. get out your blender. if you can’t find your blender, it’s probably because it’s stuffed away somewhere in the back of a cupboard because you use it so infrequently. good luck.

2. get out your fruit. for me, this means inspecting the bananas i bought 5 days ago to figure out which one is the worst looking because that one needs to be used first. i also buy frozen fruit for other fruit (strawberries, peaches, raspberries, blueberries, etc.) since fresh fruit will grow mold in my fridge before i use it all.

3. get out your frozen orange juice concentrate. this stuff is key – it’s what adds some sweetness to the smoothie. don’t use too much – that stuff is potent. i scoop out a healthy teaspoon. i just keep the tube in the freezer with the metal cap on and hope it doesn’t get freezer burnt.

4. throw some ice cubes in there if you want to dilute it. otherwise you can always add more frozen fruit. if you’re worried about calorie count, ice cubes are a good filler.

5. add some milk. i normally start off with about 1/2 cup, but after the blender doesn’t want to blend, i add some more to loosen it up.

6. if you really want to get fancy, throw some flaxseed in there. i don’t know if it’s necessarily still beneficial if it’s a year past expiration, but it sounds fancy, right?

7. blend that crap together. if you want to get ultra fancy, add some cocoa or peanut butter. or both. pour it into a glass. enjoy your somewhat healthy shake-like drink.

snow days 2

i have a widget in wordpress that pops up relevant blog posts at the end of each post. on yesterday’s post, this one popped up: snow.

in it, i lament the lack of snow in 2011 and 2012 (and the drought, as well as cold temps. where is this minnesota i keep hearing about? basically i was whining because it wasn’t cold enough or snowy enough and i wanted to uphold my tough minnesota status.

well, well, well, JOKE’S ON ME!

this winter started so early and has been so overwhelmingly minnesotan that we are all just aching for spring to show up even though it’s still february and spring generally doesn’t show up until at least the end of march around these parts.

the good news? it’s pretty out. i’d much rather look at a white, crisp, snowy landscape than dead brown grass. also, we’re probably no longer in a drought. thirdly, (hopefully) any nasty pest bugs will have frozen this winter and will leave our trees alone.

the bad news? i hate the cold. but cold is cold, so i just bundle up and deal. i also want to plant stuff, but i run into this dilemma every year around this time.

snow days

side street in st. charles on saturday afternoon.

side street in st. charles on saturday afternoon.

i could get used to this 3-day weekend schtick pretty quick here. this past friday was the 3rd snow/cold day RCTC has had this semester. that’s all within 2 months. word in the office is that a whole day off for weather is virtually unheard of, so this is how we know this winter has been gross.

in my whole four years at st. ben’s, we didn’t have one single snow day. if i was lucky, we might’ve had a late start, but probably not since i can’t remember anything like that. while i was in high school, the governor himself closed public schools 3 times, so we had that going for us.

so what is up with the weather anyway? after the first cold snap, the weather dude on mpr was saying that would be the last of the cold weather we’d see this year. then we had a couple more. after the last one, my coworker, who owns a dairy farm, said the long-term forecast showed no more cold snaps. guess what? it’s supposed to get down to -15 this next week on an overnight.

they (the ubiquitous they) say that this is the coldest winter in thirty years. i am one of those people who is in the mindset of, “oh, it’s below 40 degrees? it’s cold.” cold is cold. doesn’t matter if it’s 32 or -32 – it’s all the same to me. my gas bill says otherwise, and i thank the gods above and below that i bought a new-construction with new insulation.

speaking of cold and snow, i’m off to watch late-night olympics, which are taking place in not-cold sochi. what a joke.

garden dreams

β€œSeed catalogs are responsible for more unfulfilled fantasies than Enron and Playboy combined.” – Michael Perry

today it was windy and snowy and gross out, but i went to visit my dad to talk about putting in a garden this summer. then i looked at a garden planner online, and then ordered the seed potatoes i need.

i am so ready for springtime.

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 8.20.34 PM

tech stuff

hey there regular readers! let me know if you notice a difference in load time on my blog. i’m not sure it would be worth $55/year, but i’m in a beta test for some faster WP servers with my host. if it makes a huge difference on your ends, give me feedback!