progress pictures

progress pictures

so this morning i hit -60 lbs. i’m holding off on a huge post when i hit sub-200 lbs, but here’s an update in a couple photos. i started taking them when i’d already lost 30 lbs, so this is just -30 through -60 in 10-lb increments.
BEWARE – flabby fat pictures of kate in her underwear!
from the side
from the front
i personally don’t see a huge difference from the front, but i see it from the side!

4 thoughts on “progress pictures

  1. I see the difference from the front in your chest width. You’ll always be hippy but you’re still getting smaller all over. Woohoo!!

  2. I see a big difference in the size of your hips though. And it looks like your face has a big difference as well. You’re pretty amazing! I can’t find the motivation to lose weight.

    1. unfortunately that’s what you need. i don’t know what kicked me in the butt – maybe it was seeing lower numbers on the scale and it sort of became a game to me more than anything. the hard thing is, no competitors but yourself.

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