commence houseblog!

commence houseblog!

nate and i met with the realtor today and the loan lady. we got approval to get a rural development loan which lets us not have a down payment, so yay for that. i don’t know the exact amount we were pre-approved for, but she gave us three scenarios with the highest at about $175,000 (which is too high anyway). after signing some papers, we went to look at a house, which i might be ok with, if not for the fact that it’s on a gravel road (nate is worried about wintertime and snow).

here is a permalink to a realtor listing with more pictures.
i love the view and the yard. house needs some cleaning and cosmetic work, but that’s easy. the basement is huge and unfinished, with much potential. saturday i am meeting with the realtor and we’re looking at some more houses. woo!

4 thoughts on “commence houseblog!

    1. yep. all pre-fabs i’ve looked at have had fabulous kitchens and master baths. kitchen – high on my list; bath – high on nate’s list. i have no prob with a pre-fab. they do get a bad rap though. looking at another on saturday, hopefully!

      1. i think it’s because they look like glorified mobile homes. there’s no uniqueness to the exterior. but, oooo, 5 piece bathroom in the saturday house! yes, please!

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