i’m hoping it will be a very productive saturday. i’ve got my stack of research books for corn, laundry to do, and a derm appointment to see about accutane. my skin has been cooperating a little lately (of course), so hopefully s/he’ll say yea to the accutane even after seeing my clear-ish skin. (i think the lanolin might be working – to a point.)
the cold weather has sort of cleared up here. jane called me last night and told me how it was 70 there today. that made me sad. all i’m asking for is 50! (supposedly tomorrow…)
welp,, that’s pretty much all i’ve got today. we’ll see if i come up with anything new later on – it might be a two-post day; you never know.

3 thoughts on “saturday!

  1. if it makes you feel better, we’re supposed to get dumped with 6-12″ of snow through Tuesday, and temps will drop to the 30s

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