tell me about a time you slept outside.
in 2007, harry potter 7 came out, and chances were it came out the first day of my family reunion, where we spent 4 days at leech lake. seeing’s how this was my 28th reunion and this was the first time HP7 was out, i spent most of the time with my nose buried in the book.
the first morning i woke up early – it was barely light out – to the sound of a light drizzle on my tent. i was warm and comfy inside, but i couldn’t get back to sleep because of the thought of HP7 waiting for me. so in the wee hours of the morning, next to leech lake in my tent with filtered light coming through the top with the sound of rain plip plip plipping on the tent walls, i read my way through harry and hermione’s own camping adventure. meanwhile, a low rumble from far away started up and continued…and continued…and continued. it was the oddest thing as i, for some reason, had never actually heard rolling thunder. i kept expecting a big crash of some sort, but it never came, just a low rumble, like the sound of another person’s stomach grumbling.
eventually i decided it was time to get out of the tent, so i pulled back my sleeping bag, collected my book, and braved the drizzle.

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  1. the night hp7 came out, i was out on the town with a friend and her gay boss, celebrating the end of her vista tenure. my coworker picked me up a copy, and i picked up the copy on my way out of town the next day (while nursing a slight hangover). i got home, sat down and didn’t do anything but read for the next 10 hours with 2 food breaks and maybe one bathroom break. glorious.
    did sam also spend the reunion with his nose in his own copy?

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