so it starts

so it starts

i spend a good chunk of my weekend reading through books and finding websites for my devil’s syrup book. a lot of it i already know; i just need a legitimate source. i also looked up how long a memoir should be, and they’re averaging around 80,000-100,000 words – thats twice nanowrimo! good thing i have longer than a month, i guess.
then i rewatched “king corn” which is what prompted my strike in the first place, and it just made me more po’d at the whole industry. what a racket. time to go full-out unprocessed foods, i tell ya.
anyway, i heard something funny at walmart yesterday (step one: stop shopping at walmart) while i was picking out my eggs (i went through THREE cartons before finding uncracked eggs…). there were two girls there picking out eggs.
girl 1: if XXX were here, he would get the cage-free eggs.
girl 2: i used to buy those…but then i realized i wasn’t trying to save the world.
this if funny and sad at the same time. sad because if everyone tried to save the world, guess what? we probably would. funny cuz of the way she said it. it was just perfect timing. and the two together made it awesome because then i put down my cheapo eggs bought the cage-free eggs. if she won’t save the world, i will.

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