foo-ood time!

foo-ood time!

i sing that to the cats when i feed them. “foo-ood time!”
i made a couple things this weekend. first, i had 3 quart bags of cranberries from thanksgiving time that i had to use. i made scones with half a bag, then tried my hand and drying some.
two observations: 1. i need a dehydrator if i’m going to do more drying. 2. they must marinate craisins in sugar water, because my cranberries were po-tent, omg. i sprinkled 1/4 cup of sugar over them and still my lips puckered. antioxidants, here i come, i guess. i still have a quart bag left, and i’m not sure what i’m going to do with them.
cranberriesthen, because i was feeling ambitious, i decided to try my hand at high-temperature pizza making. alton brown suggested finding quarry stones and using that as a pizza stone. a week-long search of the area resulted in the biggest quarry stone being 6″ square. well, i bought nine of them. less than $5! threw those suckers in the bottom of the over, turned the heat up to 500 and made me some pizza.
i used mr. brown’s dough recipe, which calls for a slow rise overnight in the fridge. the dough was pretty chewy (which nate liked) but it got done in the middle. then, to top it off, nate and i bought some mozzarella balls, which i sliced and put on the pizza on top of basil and pepperoni. on one pizza i put some feta cheese on as well. besides the chewiness, the pizzas were awesome and only took 7 minutes in the oven.

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