best day ever

best day ever

this morning after i woke up, i made myself some scrambled eggs on rye bread and sat down for my morning breakfast ritual – eating said breakfast and reading reddit. to my delight, there was a thread asking users to tell others what happened on their best day. i was fascinated.
of course there were the couple people who said, “my best day hasn’t happened yet, but i’m enjoying the wait.” but most posts were of vacation days, days their children were born, days they proposed to their girlfriends, days where they were on a beach, met an awesome person where le sexy tiems ensued, met their significant other, etc.
the thing about reading the thread is that as you’re reading what everyone’s best day is, you have flashbacks to what could potentially be your best day. at least i did. and i was scrolling through my mental rolodex: what WAS my best day?
the obvious ones come to mind: wedding day, day nate proposed, days i graduated, got job offers, etc. but they aren’t my best day. my best day is a melding of a certain time of year, weather, happenings. and i’ve had many of that melded day.
it’s late spring, early summer. after a morning trip to menards, i’ve got plants in the backseat of my car [let’s pause here a moment – why on earth is thinking about my favorite day making me cry??? as michael perry would say, i’ve grown sentimental in my old age. ok, must proceed]. i spend late morning and early afternoon up to my elbows in dirt, planting flowers and vegetables. maybe jane will show up that afternoon. maybe nate has the day off and he wakes up. we, whomever i may be with, spend the afternoon out of the house, galavanting around the countryside to see the new growth on trees, lilacs blooming, apple blossoms, tulips tall in flowerbeds – mostly to enjoy the sunshine. we come home and grill steaks and whatever side sounds yummiest. the night ends on a deck watching the sky grow slowly darker as the sun sets, lighting citronella candles to ward off mosquitos.
it’s not exciting or exotic, but it’s my best kind of day. i can hardly wait until they happen again.

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  1. and the good thing about those kinds of day is that they’re on a schedule. even in the dead of winter, when it gets dark at 2:30pm and it’s bitterly cold with a wind chill of -10, you always know that those spring/summer days will come again, to remind you that, yes, winter sucks, but the epilogue to that dreaded season is not far off.
    that’s what i love about those kinds of days. there isn’t just one, there’s a whole plethora, a bouquet of days to soak in and enjoy

    1. those people who can pin down one best day ever must not have very good other days 🙂 why not make it the best life ever?
      like whoever dad’s relative was who said that today is the happiest day of his life. or poo and piglet: what day is it? today. ah, my favorite day.

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