I’ve seen a lot more bumper stickers for obama this year, and i’ve seen a lot more political billboards this year (all of which have been right-leaning).

A good example of the billboards i’ve seen lately.

A couple of the billboards have been about the voter ID amendment that we’re voting on this november, saying MN is #1 in voter fraud! Prevent voter fraud! Each one of those, all I want to do is plaster the “CITATION NEEDED” sign across it, a lá xkcd. (what’s pretty sad is that i would guess all my readers know exactly which xkcd i’m talking about and didn’t really need to link it, but alas.)
what’s sad about the klobuchar billboard above is that i think she has a pretty darn high approval rating in the state, close to mid 60s or so, and is one of the most popular senators. (CITATION NEEDED —- ok, ok, low 60s.)
all this to say, i hope i get a chance to vote. it’s hard to figure that out if you don’t know where you’re going to be in november! i guess if it gets to be mid-october and nothing on the house front (waaaaaaaah), i’ll register for absentee vote.

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  1. i’m glad you linked xkcd. i don’t visit it often enough to know the comics right away [except the correlation vs. causation one, but that’s because it’s on the hubby’s shirt…]

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