new sub-blog

new sub-blog

i’ve been spending more-than-usual time with a certain aunt* of mine, who is very vocal about her opinions  on religion and politics. which would be ok if they aligned with my views, but since a person can’t contradict her without her praying for your immortal soul and talking about you behind your back, i sit down, nod and smile. and listen.
these are some of the more, um, colorful discussions, so far at least.
aunt, on john mccain: well, he turned out to be a jerk. too bad palin didn’t have a better running mate.
me, internally: WAT
aunt, after discussing the low-lifes who attend the fair: tsk tsk, these are the type of people who vote for obama
aunt: [daughter-in law’s] brother is getting married this saturday.
me: oh, that’s nice!
aunt: he’s getting married on a lake! not in the church! can you believe that?!
me: *looks artificially concerned*
aunt: even [son who is married to aforementioned DIL] said, don’t people know what being baptized means these days??
me: *mouth drop*
aunt: wow this mess in the middle east has gone on long enough. you know, when obama took office he said the troops would be out right away!
me: well, some of them are out…and osama bin laden is gone!
aunt: yeah, poor guy. hiding in a hole and all that’s left is a finger!
me: *facepalm*
*aunt shall remain anonymized

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  1. i burst out laughing at the bin laden comment. of course she’d say that! some day i’d like to ask her what happened to the “treat others how you’d like to be treated” rule and why she doesn’t abide by it.

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