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my right armpit stinks. i shower, wash them, get out of the shower, and it still stinks. just my right one. and sometimes i get this weird zit-like thing on my armpit, and if i try to pop it, then it really stinks like BO. baaaad. anyway, i did some reading on the good ol’ interwebs and found others who had the same problem. rub it with alcohol. use antibacterial soap. use the crystal deodorant thingy. use baking soda.

so i go to try a couple out. i washed with antibacterial soap, rubbed on some alcohol, then after it dried i put on a baking soda paste. and good god if my armpit skin didn’t burn right off. i guess that’s a good remedy if it burns off all your sweat glands!

and now i have a rash under there, and it STILL stinks. so i bought certain dri, and after the rash goes away, i’ll see how that works. in the meantime, i went to work today with one armpit slathered in deodorant, the other slathered in neosporin. what do you know, the armpit with the neosporin sweated less. it stinks, but there was less sweat. go figure.

ah, hereditary sweat glands.

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