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how much did this day suck?

the day started off okay. i got a phone call from the st john’s liturgical press wanting an interview with me (yay!) and went to work, which went okay. i got friday off so i can run my weekend errands before i leave for the weekend to new london for the big 75th bday extravaganza.

then i left work and my parking spot was taken at home. in fact, there were NO parking spots available. which is extremely annoying since people are supposed to park only one car in the back, so 6 total, and there’s 9 cars back there now. and then people’s guests decide to park back there too. anyway, i parked on the street and as i was walking up, the “guests” walked outside and i yelled “ARE YOU LEAVING” at them, then shouted multiple profanities at them and called the cops.

not really. just making sure you were paying attention.

so i parked in back, but at this point i was still extremely annoyed because i had to drive around the block looking for a spot on the street. it took much restraint from ramming my car into theirs.

and then i walked in and found that nate didn’t take out the recycling; i had asked him yesterday if he would, and he said yes. and the recycling is right by the door, about 8 bags of it, so you couldn’t miss it.

furthering my aggravation, i then had to take out the recycling.

i’m still annoyed. grrrr. poo.

age appropriate

before christmas i bought a sweater from old navy that i really like. it’s wool, cream, with a collar, and it zips up. it’s warm! mmm, sweater.

so, i go to angie’s that night, and chad says it looks like a grandma sweater. what?!? i dismissed it as chad not having any fashion sense.

but, i go to new london for christmas and JANE says it looks like a grandma sweater. ???? excuse me???

nevertheless, i go on wearing it.

last weekend i am wearing my sweater and decide to drop in on my grandma. the first thing she says?

“i really like your sweater!”

hmmm, maybe it IS a grandma sweater.

teh funniez

if you haven’t seen the sarah silverman/mattdamon / ben affleck/jimmy kimmel videos, please do. hilarious

watch sarah first (as much as i don’t like her, she’s pretty good here)

now watch jimmy’s response

(i know i’m always a little late on these things, but hey, it’s FUNNYYYY and harrison ford makes a cameo!!)

the mediocrity of books

i hate reading mediocre books. because once i start a book, i HAVE to finish it. it’s like a mantra i live by. i feel absolutely guilty if i don’t finish a book i’ve started reading.

so i’ve read a lot of mediocre books lately and it’s just frustrating because here i am, slogging through this load of crapola writing that isn’t catching my interest at all, toward the end, when all i will feel is relief.

books/authors i’ve read in the past year that haven’t been mediocre – in fact, they were stellar:

  1. HP7
  2. bill bryson
  3. tony bourdain
  4. perks of being wallflower

books that were above average, but not absolutely riveting:

  1. the know-it-all
  2. and a bottle of rum

books that have been mediocre:

  1. cat’s eye (sorry claire)
  2. women who run with the wolves (interesting, but definitely not a page-turner)
  3. liars’ club (bleah, depressing)
  4. east of eden


today i will
finish this post and go to bed.

tomorrow i will
visit my grandma who just got out of the hospital and check out the deals at the closing world market in town.

next week i will
mail liz’s package, prepare my father’s bday gift, and set out my recycling

in the next month i will
call my landlord about realtors he works with to ensure an easier move out, go to my parents’ for easter and dad’s bday, look forward to spring, clean my duplex, visit melissa, work like normal.

in the next six months i will
pay off a chunk of bills, welcome jane back from NZ and go to her grad, start the house-buying process, take more photos, maybe get a new lens, have my birthday, start to enjoy my last year before the big 3–0.

in the next year i will
buy a house, get a raise, maybe buy a new mattress set.

in the next five years i will
plant a garden, start a compost pile, go on a trip somewhere, look into having kids (???), possibly get a new job if it’s in the cards.

before i die i will
sell photos to people i don’t know, publish a book, go to machu pichu, get off the “grid”, visit new york.

(for a person who doesn’t make long-term plans, writing this past a week was pretty difficult.)