uhhhhh….fizzle out

LONG weekend. omg.

i took thursday off to be with angie (the reason this entry is locked, actually). i called in to work around noon and asked if it was busy, and it was dead, like usual, so i took the day off. we hung out, then went to tgifridays. i hope she enjoyed my company!

friday i went to caitlin’s wedding with charlie (we were liz’s dates). it was in mankato, so that was a jaunt (and a hit on the pocketbook- ouch!) but it was fun. i always enjoy weddings. yay dancing!! plus i got to try out sarah k.’s lensbaby and fisheye lens, as well as her awesome flash that i have been eyeing for quite some time and now want passionately. pics to follow when i’m not so  beat. i drove back to st. cloud that night, got home and passed out. which was sad since nate apparently wanted  something something, and fher and make more money than me. (it’s a sad state of affairs for me when a teacher makes more money that i do.)

so now there’s a week of work, then a long weekend again, then a short week, and another long weekend because i took my bday off!! yay bday!! i will be 29, so that’s a little disheartening, but i’m hoping it will be fun. next year’s the big one!

donald trump i ain't

i have a simple IRA left over from my newsleaders days, to which i contributed no money. all the money that was in there when  i left was contributed solely by the company. when i left, there was maybe $200 in there, and now it’s at about $765. last year it maxed out around $950, but then stocks went bust, so i lost (? how can you lose money you never really owned) $200.

so, the time is coming right for me to go to the lender and talk about house buying and seeing if it’s something i should do. i’d like a little more money in savings so i could cover earnest money and an inspector, and the money in my IRA would do the trick (after taxes and penalties, still about $500 cash i didn’t have before).

i’m wondering if i should do this, or just leave it in there. i will probably never contribute to this IRA again, and i have a 401K set up through work that i’m currently contributing to, so it’s not like it’s my only retirement option.

probably not the bunch of people i should be asking since none of you are financial advisors, but i thought i’d throw it out there for feedback.

edited to add: i just found out that the early-distribution penalty may be waived if the money’s used for a first-time home purchase. i think i’ll talk to the lender and then do that if s/he recommends. obviously none of you have any opinion about this!


” U.S. outraged by Myanmar government’s slow response”
that is part of an article i was reading about the typhoon cyclone* in myanmar (aka burma).

which, is kinda funny. can we say…. new orleans?

the prez wants to be humanitarian
quick! help those hit by a typhoon
doesn’t look in his own country
what a maroon!
burma shave

(referencing this and this for my little rhyme)

*wrote my jingle before i realized it was a cyclone, not a typhoon. i’m leaving it. i like it.

a fun site


stories of how people spent their economic stimulus. which i should be getting tomorrow and will go completely toward bills.


regarding GTA IV, some yahoo writes in to the startribune:  “…They don’t have the right [to make the game]. We need to get over the rote belief that censorship is always wrong.”

http://www.startribune.com/opinion/letters/18467169.html –  full story

EXCUSE ME???????????????????


EXCUSE ME?????????????????

where does this guy LIVE? China?? Russia???
he lives in CHASKA.

someone needs to send this guy a copy of the first amendment.


some lady on the colbert report just said:

“i’m a woman, so i like hillary. i’m black, so i like obama. but i’m also grumpy, so i like mccain.”