everything is kind of culminating toward….something…..once you get used to one thing being weird, another thing pops up.

oil prices, global warming/cooling/something, wheat scarcity, disappearing honeybees, overfishing, useless wars….


what do you think is going to happen in 4 years?

(eta: overfishing)

my home sweet home!

prof. harold hill had it easy. gary indiana was the town that knew him when.

but it’s hard for me when people ask me where i grew up or what my hometown is. i usually answer, “i graduated from high school in new london.” or “my parents live in new london.” that usually takes some confusion out of things, but if i get a further query, then i explain how i grew up in austin and in 9th grade we moved to new london.

but new london isn’t exactly my home town. i only really lived there for four years. i’ve lived in the st cloud area for 10 years, and lived in austin for 14 years, but new london is the answer i give. maybe it’s because my parents still live there.

when i was in winona, my parental units and i went to church and talked to some guy afterward about the architecture or the place, and my dad mentioned that he and i (not my mom) were natives of austin. what?? i don’t really see myself as a native of austin, but it’s probably true. i think it’s easier for my siblings to detach themselves from austin because they were young when we moved. liz was in 5th grade, jane in 2nd, and charlie in first. they can say they grew up in new london. i really can’t.

so i just continue to say i graduated from new london-spicer and things normally go smoothly from there.

i should really ask my mom what she would say when she was asked that question; she had a similar situation.

happy birthday, earth day??

i read an article that said earth day was 38 years old this year in the US and 20 years globally, and happy birthday earth day.


and this is reason to celebrate the birthday of earth day? we should be LAMENTING earth day’s birthday. we shouldn’t NEED an earth day. EVERY DAY should be earth day. we’ve been thinking about saving the planet for 38 years. congratulations to us.

on the price of gas

gas here is $3.52/gallon. given that, i normally put in 12.5 gallons when i fill up, which puts me at $45 to fill up my car. i probably don’t need to tell you how annoying that is.

especially since all i do is drive to work and the grocery store and target around town, and i fill up every two weeks and still spend $90/month on gas, not to mention the equal amount nate puts in his car. i can’t imagine having to commute farther than 30 miles a day with gas the price it is. here’s the thing: it’s hurting me, and i don’t do any unnecessary driving. i don’t go to the cities twice a month like i used to. i don’t drive to fargo every other month like i used to. i haven’t been to new london since easter, and before that was jane’s bday. what do people who need to travel do??

it’s a necessary evil. i have to get gas to go to work to make money so i can buy the gas to go to work and make money. if i worked a normal shift, i would buy a bus pass for $35/month and use that to get to work, but since i finish at 10 p.m.e there’s a need for alternative fuel – not just for keeping the planet healthy, but because we’re going to run out! sadly, many of those who don’t care about the price of gas are most likely republican, and many republicans can’t look beyond their wallet and their god.


beware: read at your own risk.

my right armpit stinks. i shower, wash them, get out of the shower, and it still stinks. just my right one. and sometimes i get this weird zit-like thing on my armpit, and if i try to pop it, then it really stinks like BO. baaaad. anyway, i did some reading on the good ol’ interwebs and found others who had the same problem. rub it with alcohol. use antibacterial soap. use the crystal deodorant thingy. use baking soda.

so i go to try a couple out. i washed with antibacterial soap, rubbed on some alcohol, then after it dried i put on a baking soda paste. and good god if my armpit skin didn’t burn right off. i guess that’s a good remedy if it burns off all your sweat glands!

and now i have a rash under there, and it STILL stinks. so i bought certain dri, and after the rash goes away, i’ll see how that works. in the meantime, i went to work today with one armpit slathered in deodorant, the other slathered in neosporin. what do you know, the armpit with the neosporin sweated less. it stinks, but there was less sweat. go figure.

ah, hereditary sweat glands.

i give up

i’m almost 29 years old. i should be done with pimples. i don’t know what’s going on; i’ve used proactiv now for almost 2 months and am getting NO results. so i made an appointment this morning to see a dermatologist. the soonest appt. in an appropriate time range was june 9. that’s almost two months away! i think i’m going to call and see what the soonest open appt. is and take it, no matter if it’s at 8 a.m. or 4 p.m. i’m sick of being a grey-haired acne-riddled almost-29-year-old.

anyone have any experience with qwest internet? i’m ready to dump clearwire. i don’t care if i’m in the middle of a contract; the lack of speed is ridiculous. i think we’re on a faulty tower. stupid geriatric internet.

tomorrow’s hump day! yay!!


1. went to winona last weekend to see charlie’s play. my mother’s snoring nearly drove me insane. note to self: don’t see medea again. altho charlie was good, the play was pretty…morbid.

2. the drive home tonight at 10 p.m was nasty. nasty nasty nasty. let me say that again. nasty. it’s snowing nasty out. like god’s blowing her nose or something. and idiots with big trucks think they can drive like normal in this crap. MAKES ME INSANE. also, there was a ton of traffic. moreso than on a non-snowy night. what are people doing out driving in a blizzard at 10 p.m. if they don’t have to, for god’s sake??? MUST BIY MILK AND BREAD, HUGE STORM, WILL RUN OUT BEFORE TOMORROW.

3. i’m looking forward to the weekend.

4. why does facebook have privacy settings? why would you do that? or perhaps, the better question would be, why would you add anyone to your friends barrel who you wouldn’t want seeing your whole profile?

5. and more importantly, it’s weird adding someone who was your friend in 8th grade to your list. what do you say? hi, um, we haven’t talked in like, 15 years, but hey. whazzup karla krones. (not coincidentally, she is the one with the privacy settings. i can’t view any of her photos.)

6. i made cookies tonight. mmmm, cookies.

7. now i’m going to bed. zzzzzzz.


whenever i hear the hospital chopper fly over my house to deliver someone in critical condition to the hospital, i think of when my uncle squire used to look up whenever he heard the chopper while working outside. one time, the timing was right that he thinks he saw the chopper that was carrying steve (my cousin ann’s late husband) to rochester after their car got mutilated by a semi. steve died, and ann now has a metal rod in her spine.

whenever i make a hamburger in a pan, i think of my dad making “riviera specials” when i was little: fried hamburgers topped with mayo, ketchup and mustard, and eaten without a bun. once i smelled him making a hamburger when i was supposed to be asleep, so i went downstairs in my nightgown, as quietly as i could. my mom was on the phone, so dad beckoned me into the kitchen, where i watched him finish the burger and toppings, and we shared the burger together. i was upstairs and back in bed before mom got off the phone.

whenever i butter a piece of bread, i think of my uncle squire always making sure that the butter went out to all the edges of the bread.

whenever my sister liz is having tough times, i think of the time at jane’s post-baptism get-together when liz was going to touch the kerosene heater (i had run into it twice when i was younger, once against my side, and once on my hand). my mom caught her in time and slapped her hand and yelled HOT at her to make sure she didn’t do it again. liz looked bewildered, but i burst into tears.

whenever i make no-cook pudding, i think of my aunt colettie and how her cupboard was full of no-cook puddings. she would put the milk and pudding dust into a jar and have me shake it until it was thick enough. then it would set in bowls or glasses, and i would break the skin of the pudding with my spoon and peel it off to eat before rest of the pudding.