work woes

it’s been a long long time since i’ve written something negative about work. and it’s nothing really negative about my job in particular; it’s about the company in general.

we have this intranet at work where you can check your paychecks and vacation balance, and they also post messages from head honchos. well, the head cheese wrote a message pertaining to how the meat and potatoes of our business, realtors, is not doing the greatest due to the downturn in the housing market. he actually used the word lousy when referring to the previous year’s numbers.

needless to say, there are layoffs on the horizon, and granted the last time there was a layoff i talked to my supervisor and he basically told me that my job was secure, and promise never to leave, it’s still shaky ground. my department in particular hasn’t heard anything one way or the other (unlike other departments), but still…

if i get laid off again, i will not be happy. i might start looking for jobs again. i hate the job search, but i’d rather be safe than sorry.


1. i am stinking sick and tired of this stupidly cold weather. it’s -15 as i type right now, not including the windchill, which probably knocks the temp down to -40.

2. i am completely in awe of my blu-ray player (yes, the blu-ray player is mine, the game part of the ps3 is nate’s). i watched a couple episodes of planet earth and my jaw literally dropped and stayed open for about half the time.

3. tomorrow’s hump day!

4. i am painting something now, and i’m photo-journaling it, so once i’m done, you can see the process. i’m not sure how i feel about it.

5. i have an aversion to folding clothes. the guest bed is piled high with unfolded clean clothes.

6. i need to go to sleep. so, toodles!

book reviews

here’s two books i ordered from amazon recently that i think you should read.

kitchen confidential by anthony bourdain
-the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky

i don’t know if anyone else watches the travel channel as much as i do, but anthony bourdain has a series on it called no reservations. this guy is cynical , calculating, articulate, concise, and loves food, all in a branden-esque physique (heehee, sorry tonto). if you’ve caught his show and were intrigued, you will love his book. he shows what it’s like to be a chef, tells you what kitchen items you absolutely need, what to order and what not to order, all while confessing his love of cocaine and sex in back alleys while on the job.

the perks of being a wallflower was a really really quick read and completely engrossing from the viewpoint of a troubled freshman in high school in letter form. turns out it’s not really about perks – just about growing up. completely NOT what i expected, but i couldn’t put it down. i read it in one day.

those are my book reviews for the day. next on my plate is the new robin mckinley book. consequently, i have friended her on LJ and her posts are LOOOOOOONG and i often don’t read them, but she has mentioned that there three damar books floating around in her head, which makes me excited. 🙂


curse you tax return and refund!!!

instead of paying off bills, like i SHOULD have done, my household now has a PS3 and the game rock band.

curses! it’s too fun and pretty to take back!!

( i also ordered “planet earth” on bluray. i’m excited to watch it.)

woe to HP

i seriously do not know why i put myself through watching the HP movies.

i just finished watching #5, and as much as i hate the book and want to throw it at the wall everytime i read it, the movie disgusted me. especially the end and how all the different rooms were cut out and the statues didn’t come to life.

here’s what i don’t understand: how can people just watch the movies without reading the books? there is so much that the movie writers assume the watchers know.

yuck-o to the tenth degree.