the mediocrity of books

the mediocrity of books

i hate reading mediocre books. because once i start a book, i HAVE to finish it. it’s like a mantra i live by. i feel absolutely guilty if i don’t finish a book i’ve started reading.
so i’ve read a lot of mediocre books lately and it’s just frustrating because here i am, slogging through this load of crapola writing that isn’t catching my interest at all, toward the end, when all i will feel is relief.
books/authors i’ve read in the past year that haven’t been mediocre – in fact, they were stellar:

  1. HP7
  2. bill bryson
  3. tony bourdain
  4. perks of being wallflower

books that were above average, but not absolutely riveting:

  1. the know-it-all
  2. and a bottle of rum

books that have been mediocre:

  1. cat’s eye (sorry claire)
  2. women who run with the wolves (interesting, but definitely not a page-turner)
  3. liars’ club (bleah, depressing)
  4. east of eden

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