my xmas tree

my xmas tree

today i dragged nate out to a tree farm where we got an awesome blue spruce, got it shaken and baled, and it cost $40. then we went to menard’s and bought a tree stand and a tree skirt as well as ornament hooks, and they were all on sale because apparently it’s late in the season.

then we came home and he cursed and got mad while i stood there and rolled my eyes as we got the tree to stand up straight in the tree stand, which, i might add, is a pretty cool tree stand. you stick this separate part onto the tree first, then slide it into the base, and it rotates so you get it in the right spot, then lock it in.

after supper we put on the lights and garland, which nate didn’t like because the tree poked him all the time, and i pointed out that it was poking me too, but do i make a big deal out of it? nooooo.

so then  i got out all the ornaments and put hooks on them, and nate put up like, two, then left me to do the rest. toward the end, he sat on the couch and watched me.

putting up christmas trees brings out the best in everyone, eh?

well, here’s the tree.

and here’s the star i made for the top since i forgot to buy an angel.

after the tree was up, i realized something was missing, and it turns out it’s the color red and some big lights. so, i went to walmart and bought red ball ornaments and red beads, which will go up tomorrow, and the day after christmas i will buy some big lights for the tree. and more garland.

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