nano update

after a 6,000 word streak last sunday, thanksgiving came and i sat at 23,000 words for three days.

i thought maybe it was hopeless, winning this nanowrimo thing.

i still don’t know if i’ll make it, but today i put in 7,000 words so far and i’m not done. plus, there’s one more day of the weekend left.  i’m sitting at 30,100 words right now. i figure if i can make it to 33,000 tonight, and put in another 10,000 words tomorrow, i’ll only need to write 1400 words a day until friday, and i can hit 50,000. i might make it yet. i’ll just be at my computer, drinking tea or diet sunkist lemonade, listening to the last two tracks of PotC III over and over.

wish me luck.

actually, wish me luck that i don’t run out of a plot. that seems to be the overwhelming issue at hand. flyin’ by the seat of my pants, i am.

anticipatory hostess

this year i’m hosting thanksgiving. some may be wondering what was i thinking, and how on earth can you do thanksgiving, you’re only 28.

that isn’t too young. after going to kathleen and george’s for thanksgiving for so many years, and watching their children not host thanksgiving, even after k&g were well into their 60s (or so i assume, kathleen never lets on about her age – she’s still 25), i think it’s not right to make my parents have to host every holiday.

now, that doesn’t mean i’m gonna give up christmas quite yet :).

but a couple years ago i figured i could do thanksgiving. thanksgiving isn’t bad. enter bad circumstances where my living spaces weren’t the greatest, and that was pushed back a couple years to the current year.

and i’m prepared. i have all the seating accoutrement, eating accoutrement, and foodstuffs. nate and i went grocery shopping last night and bought turkey and other crap we need for the impending thursday. he is not enthused, let me tell you. he is very concerned about cramped kitchen quarters, but i told him he could just stay out of the kitchen and not worry about it (this is not to say that he will not be in the kitchen the night before, helping prepare stuff then).

anyway, i’m ready to go. charlie arrives tuesday night, melissa is showing up wednesday afternoon, and everyone else is coming thursday (and my grandma, who only has a 2-mile drive, i think is pretty excited about this).

so, i will be posting pictures after the big day, and i will make sure to call liz on t-day while she is stuck in indiana. i suppose we can all be thankful for indiana too.

and amidst planning and shopping, i am only at 17,000 words, a mere 13,000 behind. UGH. i don’t think i’ll be winning nanowrimo. poo.


for those of you too lazy to go to my nanowrimo site, (, here is an excerpt.

At age twenty-two, Mildred went to the courthouse and legally changed her name to Millie Frank for $39.95.
She just graduated from college in marketing and decided this would be the best decision for her career, not to mention her sanity when it came to her name.
Her mother, outraged at this decision, decided then and there that Millie would be disowned. Her father didn’t do anything but stare downward while listening to his wife yell at their older daughter. Mildred the original would never do anything like this. It’s not only unfair, but dishonest and disloyal to boot – completely unlike the original Mildred.
Millie didn’t care. At the end of the month she was draining her checking and savings accounts and moving to downtown Minneapolis where she was going to live with a girl she knew from college. She had enough money in savings from working during col___________________________________________________