just another day in…religious paradise

today i got a brochure from my aunt kathleen (aka my religious aunt) and in it she circled a section on the evils of the vagina monologues.

here is what it says:
“In 2005 performances of the vile ‘Vagina Monologues’ occurred at 27 Catholic colleges and universities – that’s more than 10% of all the Catholic colleges in the US. This ‘play’ is replete with vulgarity, fould language, and graphic descriptions of lesbian activity. One scene depicts the seduction of a sexually inexperienced under-age teen girl by an adult lesbian, who first intoxicates the girl with vodka. And far from presenting the incident as sexual abuse that would be prosecuted as statutory rape in many states, the play celebrates it as the girl’s liberation and salvation….” blah blah the rest is about abuse in the catholic church.

next to it she wrote “Lord Mercy!”

i’ve seen the V monologues. the girl in question, i think, was 16? that is more than legal in many states. she also goes into detail about how she lusted after this woman forever before actually doing anything.

profanity? yelling the C word to reclaim it.

the overall feel of the monologues? celebrating and embracing femaleness.

a) i don’t think kathleen has see the V monologues and

b) i think she wanted to be born a man (cuz, in the catholic church, men are spiritually closer to god, apparently).

c) now that i’m married, she’s moved on from sending me celibacy and evils of pre-marital sex brochures to sending me “degradation of society!” brochures. oh boy.

more random crap

i talked to my supervisor at SCSU today, and he mentioned that after i graduated there would most likely be some job opportunities available at scsu. one inparticular is in the department i’ll be working in as a web content manager. awesome! i would love this job, but i have to improve my web copywriting skills. which, he said, i could hone during my tenure as graduate assistant.


(i hate job searching (the first part of the year confirmed that), and if this is a possibility, i am ALL for that!)

anyway, i start on tuesday, 20 hours a week, so i will be in the office tuesday, wednesday and thursday. which means 4 day weekends for me!!

and, i will be making even less than i did on unemployment. i called today for an application for food stamps, and i’m thinking of working part-time at crafts direct over the holiday season. oh joy. $3 gas and paying bills is annoying.


DDR and my flat feet made my heel spurs!!!

ok, so i have heel spurs. they are annoying buggers. i wake up in the morning and i can barely walk on my right heel it hurts so bad.

so i finally looked up heel spurs and what exactly they are. the muscle that connects your heel to the ball of your foot is what actually causes they pain. it’s inflamed (apparenlty all the time). this gets inflamed from lack of arch support (i have flat feet) and lack of calf muscle flexibility (when your calf muscle isn’t flexible enough, this muscle in your foot makes up for it). when i play ddr, my poor little heel muscle is working overtime, because my calves aren’t working AND i play on the balls of my feet.

and i realized my heel spurs really didn’t start to be a pain until after i started playing DDR.

so now i’m going to do calf stretching exercises and wear my tennis shoes (with arch support) more often.

stupid heel spurs!

what do you think?


the fda approved the morning after pill for 18+ without prescrption, and 17 and under will have to get a prescription. i think this is decent. lots of people are making a fuss about under 18s not being able to get it without the prescription. maybe it’s because i’m old and far removed from that age set, or maybe it’s because i waited until i was out of my parents’ jurisdiction to have sex, but i think it’s ok to require a prescription for under 18s.


as a person who is at child-bearing peak age that’s about to go downhill fast, i have to make a decision soon. children or no?

all emotional aspects of having children/grandchildren aside:

it’s been a generalization that people think child-free couples are selfish. is that still so in today’s world? with overpopulation, maybe people who choose to not have children are thinking on a more global level. the population is increasing exponentially. there are more people on the planet today than the total people who have lived on the earth, ever. with decreasing resources and increasing numbers, is it really that selfish to choose not to have children?

is it more selfish to have children? or at least, is it more selfish to have more than 2 children (two to replace you and co-procreator when you die)? don’t get me wrong; i have three siblings, and i’m glad they all were born. but in a global economic system where it seems that resources in general are going downhill pretty fast, is having more than two children actually a burden to the family? i know i look askance at families of 4 children or more. 2 kids i’m fine with, 3 is decent, 4 is sketchy, and 5 or more, i am just shocked. and i come from a family of 4 kids!

so, what is selfish when it comes to childbearing? is it just something we should keep our nose out of and let people’s reproductive systems be their own business? at what point do we have to say we can’t maintain this number of people on the planet? china has already limited number of children. people are starving in third-world countries while we have copious amounts of everything. what is selfish?

it all boils down to this:

do i have kids or not?

ho hum

i took a break from doing nothing last weekend and went to visit melissa in fargo. i was up there four days, three nights, one of which was spent at her parents’ house in fertile. i think the highlight of the trip was seeing a former high school associate who graduated a year before i did. jeff miller.

i didn’t even know it was him until about halfway through supper, and considering he was our waiter at red lobster, i must have been blind or something. he does look different, older different. he was still tall (b-ball player), and had his nametag that said “jeff”, but it still took me that long. i don’t know if he recognized me, and i wasn’t going to say anything because i thought that might be weird. 28 and working at red lobster in fargo. he had to have gotten major athletic scholarships for college. well, like melissa said, maybe he’s working his way through law school.

i also got to take home a lot of beef! melissa’s parents had to slaughter their bull because it broke its back while doing its job. (how on earth?…) so now i have hamburger, bologna, and a roast in the freezer. mm mm!!

and i know i haven’t had a short story entry in a while. i’m not having writers’ block, because i know how the order of the story is going to go; i’m just uninspired right now. maybe in the next couple days. we’ll see.


i looooove pagination!!! omg!! it’s been so long since i’ve done it that i’ve forgotten how much i like it!

(for clarification, pagination is basically page layout. you have all the graphics, text is ready, headlines done. it just needs to be put together.)

move the mountain (where my mom works and with whom i have $2000 contract) is going to start putting out a monthly e-newsletter, and they want me to figure out the layout, so i’ve finished two attempts, and i’m going to try to do at least one more option.

here is option 1 and option 2 so far. the colors are not my choice. pics are fuzzy to keep the files a small size.

mmmm mini donuts

The Benton county fair just wrapped up here in St. Cloud (St.  Cloud is distributed over 3 counties – Benton county gets the fair). I tried, to no avail, to get Nate to go so I could at least get some mini donuts. Mmm, hot, sugary, greasy mini donuts.

Going to the mower county fair every year growing up was something I looked forward to every summer. Sure, it meant that august had arrived and dreaded school would be starting again, but the anticipation of the fair overcame my fear of starting school.

We would go on Saturday, and the anticipation of that day was almost more than I could stand. Tuesday…Wednesday…. Thursday…Friday………..then finally, Saturday!

My family would leave around suppertime, drive to the opposite side of town, and park on the street or in the large parking lot to the side of the fair.

The mower county fairgrounds are large (or they were until the age of 13. I haven’t been there since then, so I’m not sure how much they’ve shrunk). There is a huge grandstand, tons of barns, many buildings that stayed up year round. A 12-foot-high white fence enclosed all this. So as I walked toward the fair, I could hear the sounds of the rides, the carnies yelling for players, I could smell the frying grease and sugar, and worst of all, I could just see the top of the ferris wheel. That fence kept the anticipation mounting.

Finally, we reached the gates to the fair and finally our eyes could feast upon the fair goodness. There was a long aisle of nothing but color, sparkles, and lights. The first stop was always the DNR building where we looked at the animals and fish, while my dad chatted to the caretaker. Of course we were very antsy to get moving by this time, but he still talked and talked.

The next stop was the KofC building where we ate supper: greasy burgers and fries. To get there, we had to sadly walk past all the tempting carnies selling their wares: batons that had glitter water in them, or large colorful hats. No, we would have none of that, said our mother. We also had to walk past the entrance to the midway, where the rides would call to us, the tempting music of the rides. But we knew as soon as we ate supper, we could run to that entrance and finally fulfill what we’d been waiting for the whole summer.

One of the only perks of living in southern Minnesota during fair time is that the sun goes down quite a bit sooner than expected. It was normal that by the time we were finished in the DNR hut and with supper, the sun would be close to setting, which made the midway even more spectacular with its colorful lights lighting up the night sky. My siblings and I would practically hop with anticipation as my parents found a ticket booth. Once purchased, the tickets were divided, and the first ride was always the merry-go-round. No matter how old you were, no matter what, we rode the merry-go-round first.

Then it was a whirlwind of a night, as we went on the ferris wheel, walked down the aisle of carnies wanting us to spend a dollar to pop a balloon or pick a duck. We picked our way through people to enter the fun house or ride on the zipper.

Finally, after begging our parents for more money to buy more tickets to go on more rides, and them adamantly refusing, it was time to go.

It was always a long walk back to the gates, past the glitter batons and turquoise necklaces and big hats that I couldn’t have. But, there was always one last stop before we left the grounds.


My mom loooooves mini-donuts. And we would always stop there before leaving the fair behind for one more year. We watched as the mini-donut turner flipped the little pastries along their journey through grease, as the man scooped them up, piping hot, into the white bag, drizzle sugar and cinnamon into the bag and shake it. Then we would each get our own bag of donuts. Under the bug-infested blinking yellow lights of the mini-donut cart, we bit into our donuts, and they melted in our mouths, a wonderful mix of hot sugar and grease.

We savored them as we walked back to the car and on the drive home, sated and sad at the same time. Once in a while, someone would have some left for the next day, trying to extend the fair one more day, but they were never quite as good as that first bite at the fair. Mmmm mini-donuts.


a slippery slope!

i think if consenting adults want to be married in the government’s eyes, so be it. call it a civil union. leave it up to the churches which ones want to actually perform a marriage between gay people.

but, here is my question, and i pose it because i’m not sure exactly how i stand on it. what about polygamy? what’s to stop consenting adults from being polygamous? i know it’s illegal now, but given the “slippery slope” people always talk about with gay marriage, that is the ONLY “what’s next?” scenario i see as plausible. convince me which way i should sway on polygamy.