votey vote vote

next presidential election, i’m voting green. yes, green party.

that is, unless, al gore runs democrat (or maybe he’ll run green?).

he is adamant about something that i truly have strong convictions about: the environment. i’ve believed global warming is happening since 3rd grade. my family recycled all their lives. i feel bad when i let water run. i take quick showers. if i had the money, i would buy a hybrid or E85 vehicle, not for the gas savings (because there isn’t that much, if any), but for the lower emissions.

i don’t care about those stupid wedge issues. i am not a wedge voter. gay marriage and abortion? pfft. i don’t really care. the gay thing will work itself out, and no one will really put an end to abortion (not republicans; if they finally make it illegal, they’ll never win another election). i care about a) the environment and b) funding for poor people.

if i had the money, i would see an inconvenient truth in the theaters, but i’m going to wait til it comes out on dvd. i hear it’s a great movie. recently, there was a special on the discovery channel about global warming, and they said in the documentary that up to 2000, there was doubt among scientists about global warming, but now almost every expert is on board; there is undeniable proof. what they had to say kind of scared me. they had pictures of glaciers in glacier park from the early-mid 1900s that are now completely melted.

sure, you may think that it still doesn’t exist. i respect that. i think you’re wrong, but you can think that.

i think if dems have a chance at all in the next election, it has to be someone who will truly make a difference about something instead of hemming and hawing. come on mr. gore!! he has a better chance of winning than hillary in 2008.



FOOD NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

and even better, an alton brown marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my life is complete. ooohhhhmmmm…..

hrm hrm

you know, i seriously think i might have issues going back to work. i know that working parttime won’t be so bad, but 40 hours? good god. let me inform you of a normal day in my life.

1. i get up, depending on what time i went to sleep the night before, anywhere from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. normally i get around 8 hours of sleep.

2. i check my email. if there’s something pertinent that needs replying to, i will do it. otherwise, it sits in my inbox til later.

3. i get something to eat, oatmeal or cereal or a sandwich. i turn on the tv as i eat it and watch drone tv

3. if there’s dishes to be done, i’ll do them. if the bathroom’s grody, i’ll clean it. if the floor needs sweeping, i’ll sweep it.

4. i pet the cat.

5. i sit on the couch and watch dumb tv.

6. i’ll make supper anywhere from 6 p.m.-10 p.m., depending on when nate gets home.

7. i read through my emails, my news websites, my blogs, my regular sites.

8. i might do some freelance work, depending on how pressing it is.

9. i might do some DDR, depending on how hot it is in the apartment and how ambitious i feel.

10. i dink around on the internet until i’m tired, and i go to bed.

11. then it starts all over again.

the idea of going back to work terrifies me. i feel i won’t have any time to do anything.

comma comma duck

so, what do you do when your father the english teacher removes commas in his piece of writing that should technically be there? cringe and just do it? let him know that his comma usage is shabby? politely ask him if he’s testing my comma knowledge?


i should be asleep. i have a meeting at 11:30, and i should be sleeping so i can be up for that. i did fall asleep at midnight, then i woke up at three, and here i am.

other than that, nothing much is going on. i’m anxiously awaiting the weekend. yay for lake! my temp job is stupid and hasn’t started yet, and i don’t know if i’m even going to be able to do it. what a pain.

i think i’m going to try sleeping again. we’ll see if it works.

netflx is the bomb

i belong to netflix. i pay $16 a month for unlimited movies, two at a time. a luxury? not really, when you consider i would probably rent 4-6 movies a month anyway, at $3-4 a pop, and driving to pick them up and drop them off on time. for $16, i get anywhere from 8-18 movies/month and all i have to do is go to my mailbox.

anyway, i have been on a documentary/indie films kick. there are so many movies that i hear things about and then can’t find them at the video store. i watched the motorcycle diaries and the vagina monologues the other day. and, for the life of me, i can’t figure out what the big deal is about the V monologues.

it was banned from st. ben’s, and i don’t know why. besides yelling the C word over and over (to reclaim it, so to speak), there was nothing offensive about it. it was interesting, and funny, and reassuring to the female gender. basically, it prompted embracement of being a female instead of trying to mannify the world. i liked it.

tomorrow i’m expecting ellen degeneres’ first filmed stand-up – i am excited! my mom and jane said it was absolutely hilarious.

here i am

ah muse, inspire me!

it smells like burnt bugs in here, and i think i’d better check the lamp.

ok, well, no bugs burning up in the lamp; that’s good news!

today, nate got paid – oh joyous occasion! we grocery shopped, i mailed bills, he bought a new air filter for his truck. life is better for at least a couple more days. i might possibly have another temp job, this one lasting 3 weeks. i don’t know if it’s ever going to surface, though, because i was supposed to start on wednesday and now i’m starting monday. we’ll see what happens.

the poor cat gets her final dose of worm medicine tomorrow. i hope she gets rid of her bald spot and possibly gets thinner from this. at least i won’t have to see gross worms in her puke anymore. that’s always a plus.

i took pics of all my framed pictures, and i’m going to try and make a shopping cart website and accept paypal for payment. i looked at storefronts for homemade goods, and the lowest prices is $16/month. holy cow! i don’t think so.