Learn 50 things about your friends, and let them learn 50 things about you!

1. How tall are you barefoot? 5’8-3/4″

2. Have you ever smoked heroin? not that i know of

3. Do you own a gun? hell no!

4. Rehab? never

5. Do you get nervous before “meeting the parents”? yes, but i don’t have to do that again

6. What do you think of hot dogs? eh, they’re good when you’re at the fair or the streetdance in spicer

7. What’s your favorite Christmas song? grab your coat and mittens

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? milk with my oatmeal

9. Do you do push-ups? i did 50-100 pushups/day for three months and got teh muscles, omg, i should start again.

10. Have you ever done ecstasy? nope

11. Are you a virgin? no

12. Do you like painkillers? vicodin, when i’m in pain

13. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex? teh b00bies

14. Do you own a knife? many, they are in my kitchen drawers and on my counter in the butcher block thingy.

15. Do you have A.D.D.? definitely not

16. Date Of Birth? May 30, 1979




49. What were you doing 12AM last night? trying to sleep

50. Do you like the pain that a tattoo brings? no


i have no tolerance for stupid drivers, two of which i encountered today.

a) driving on 23 to new london, i am stuck behind a dude for about 10 miles going about 56, which is about 9 miles under the average speed for normal drivers on this road. i come to a stretch of road where i can pass this dude, and do so. i get around him, and suddenly i see him in my rearview mirror speeding up pretty quick on my rear. ??? then he passes me and proceeds to go about 66 for the remainder of his stay on the highway.

b) on division street, there are these two kids in VWs who decide to whip around me, then get next to each other in the 2-lane, and go about 15 mph less than they were. then as soon as get close to them and have to slow down, they speed up. so i decide to turn so i can avoid these morons. so i get into the turning lane, and as soon as mr vw sees this, he whips in in front of me. so i decide, no! i’m not going to deal with this, so i get out of the turning lane, and so does mr. vw. then i get back in the turning lane. and he flips me off.


remedial driving lessons for all. i hate stupid drivers!


i’m proofreading a 200-page manual for my mom and it’s all about poverty. And i just came to a realization, or at least a connection between my previous research and poverty.

the place my mom works for, Move the Mountain (or MTM), is all about creating circles of support for people in poverty. so instead of just sending food stamps and welfare checks (which is what most agencies do), those in poverty get friends, people who believe in them and encourage them to do their best and that they can do anything. a “circle of support.”

now i was just reading this section in the manual about this book called “bowling alone,” which basically says that everyone in america is feeling a sense of isolation, not just those who are poor. every socioeconomic group is feeling this. and it’s like my head was just bowled over (pardon the pun).

europe! most countries in europe have low poverty rates and high tax rates, while america is mostly opposite. now, i read this book a while back called “why americans hate welfare,” andyone else. i’m just saying that maybe it should be less about “me” and more about “us.”

/welfare kid


i’m becoming more and more like my parental units. here i am, friday night, st. paddy’s day no less, and i’m watching almanac on channel 2.


ah! i had sex two days in a row! yay!


from the march 15 STRIB. this guy sums it up for me totally:


Pick a different job

What if pharmacists were allowed to refuse to sell certain types of birth-control pills on moral or religious grounds? Should a Muslim pharmacist then have the right not to sell a cough syrup that contains alcohol? Could a Scientologist druggist decline to fill a prescription of an antidepressant if he does not believe that depression has biological basis? Should another be entitled to deny serving an AIDS patient if her personal or religious beliefs shun homosexuality?

All graduating pharmacy students take an oath that starts with “At this time, I vow to devote my professional life to the service of all humankind through the profession of pharmacy.”

People should not choose pharmacy as a career if they plan to pick and choose among patients or medications.





again i see the shoe ad! i nearly died. OMG *swoon* here it is:

good news – my car insurance covers the $700 rental ickiness. WHEW that is a load off, you have no idea.

megan came through st cloud today and we ate cheese fries, went to the mall (where i bought some conditioner), BN (where i bought Post Secret) and bed bath and beyond, where i bought nothing.

this morning i got my hair cut. don’t worry, nothing too drastic because of liz’s wedding. if i chopped it all off before then she might have an attack. just got about an inch trimmed off and some layers put in.

packing is going well. i have all my books packed, all the dvds packed, gotta do cds and clean out the hall closet next. i’m letting nate pack the computer crap, haha.

WOW american idol has become a huge crapfest. last time i watched was first season, and this episode is just a bunch of materialistic commercialism. i do like watching america’s next top model though 🙂 yay, it was on tonight.

it snowed!

shoe orgasm!


preface: i like shoes. i like shopping for them, i like trying them on, i would buy lots of shoes (especially heels) if a) i had more reason to wear different shoes than my tennis shoes and work shoes (when i worked) and b) i weren’t so dang tall. as if i need three more inches of height – i’m already 5’9″!

DSW has a shoe ad out, and it’s shot so that all you see are a bunch of women walking around in high heels (basically all you see is from the knees down).

i nearly died! it made me want to go shoe shopping. i don’t know why i’m so enamored by shoes!

ps- Liz i need to borrow some nice shoes (maybe the ones i gave you) for easter!


i just watched 60 minutes, and they were investigating if teh ghey was genetic, or at least nature, not nurture. anyway, they found that the more older brothers a guy has, the more likelihood that he is gay (unless he’s left-handed -odd, i know). this is a proven fact over and over. weird!

they think it has something to do in the womb, like the female body detects a “foreign” object (male hormones in a female body) and compensates each subsequent male child, producing more estrogen to get rid of the foreign object. huh!

they found no similar explanation for lesbians.