went to mandan, ND this past weekend for my cousin’s grad party. woowee!! it’s such a long drive out there, 6 hours. it’s annoying. oh well. i slept on the way back from fargo to sauk centre. that’s like 2 hours. i was okay with that.

yesterday was my bday, too. i got a party in ND before i left, presents from my parents, aunt rae, and brother. i got a call from angie and liz, so that was nice. nate temporarily lost his wallet, so i don’t have anything from him yet. we did go to outback last night and i got a sundae with a candle in it. i’m expecting presents from my sisters when i see them this weekend. they’d better not flake out.

i’m back at work, so that fun. i’ve got to finish putting up an equine display sometime today and take a picture. that should be fun.

well, that’s it for now. i’m off to work on an equine display. toodles!


so…..rumors about a person who dies in the next HP book….


^^^^do not click if you want to save the surprise til the book is released. i couldnt’ help myself, i read it. ๐Ÿ™ well let’s hope it’s just rumors, and that’s it.

july 16!!!

i should read all the books again before then.


come on people i sent resumes to….call me!!! i need to get out of this dump before my job description changes AGAIN.

i was job-searching today, and there’s a company in princeton looking for someone who does nothing but list ebay auctions! pay is $12-19 (not bad for internet work all day), but it would be a heck of a commute (30 miles) and i’m sure it would get boring after a while, since all they do is list truck parts. but a full-time ebay lister! that has some appeal


i had a busy weekend.

friday i got back from austin and i was completely exhausted. i took an hour nap, got meds for my UTI (yes, another one, bleah, but didn’t have to go in to the doc! yay!), then hung out with grandma, and nate came over and we ate supper together, then i went over to my other house and watched sideways, which was a weird little movie.

saturday i slept til 1 p.m., and nate had off, so we went and bought some tomato and green pepper plants and carrot, radish and bean seeds and dug up the garden and planted them. you can read about the ensuing neighborly disaster here. i also cleared out my kitchen of all the boxes, hung some pictures and designed charlie’s grad invite. nate and i went to wally world late and got curtains for the computer room, charcoal, planters, some other crap and it cost $75! eek!!!

sunday, i planted some flowers into pots, watched the veggie garden to see that it wasn’t being plowed under or shed-ified by the neighbors, and figured out this crate shelf thing for the kitchen for the recycling and garbage. i planted some of these suckers:

as well as some other weird looking flowers and some daisies!! yay for daisies.

i figured out the bathroom, too. the blue carpet just wasn’t jiving with the slate-like tile on the floor.

and as an update to the neighborly dispute, yesterday they cleared out the patio at the bottom of our steps. there was a whole bunch of crap in it, as well as their garden swingy sitty thing. they also took down their rope light they had wound around the fence. are they trying to get back at nate and me for planting in the garden and calling the landlord? cuz decluttering the yard isn’t the way to do it. morans.

oh, anyone know anything about MN multiple tenant law? nate’s old roommate moved out and nate renewed the lease, then got a new roommate, who didn’t pay anything for a damage deposit. he also didn’t clean a darn thing at the end. and he got half the deposit back. anything nate can do besides complain or take him to small claims court?

ugh, well that was a small novel.

ps-i have applied for 3 jobs in the past week. cross your fingers i hear from one of them!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

a haiku

burst, spring, bust, open
growing flora back again
the earth is alive

i heart summertime
hot sun, warm sand, cool water
ready for july


my uncle squire (dad’s brother) was more of a grandfather figure to me than my grandfather was. an ornery, cantankerous grandfather. ๐Ÿ™‚ he has diabetes and his kidneys don’t work, and his foot had gangrene, so he had it amputated. i last saw him in january, and he was his normal self, watching westerns on TV and complaining about the hospital food (he was there for dialysis). he’s the best uncle a girl could have.

he fell out of bed two nights ago and broke his hip. they were going to do surgery on it the next day, but that night, he went into cardiac arrest and they had to resusitate him. his breathing was fine, blood pressure, pulse, etc., but he was on a respirator and he was unconscious. they took him off the respirator today and he was doing fine on his own, but then had some trouble breathing, so they tried to put it back in, but he had a panic attack and his heart stopped, and they resusitated him once again.

they (my religious aunt and my dad (my loopy aunt i think isn’t in on the decision?)) had/have to make the decision for him to be resusitated a third time. he’s not doing well at all, keep him in your prayers/thoughts (whichever suits your spiritual persuasion).

i’m going down there on saturday and will be there for who knows how long. i will have my phone with me, and i do have service down there.

napster, shnapster

see those commercials for napster vs. itunes/ipod? well i had to go check it out and see what the deal was. this $14.95 a month deal wouldn’t work with an ipod (all mp3s work with ipods), so i was wondering what was going on with this napster thing.

well, turns out they have an option (the one that’s advertised anyway) where you have to buy a compatible player and you pay a monthly fee of $14.95, and you can only upload this music to your mp3 player or phone. you can’t keep it on your hard drive, you can’t burn a cd, you can’t send it to your cousin in bangladesh for her listening enjoyment. this “unlimited” amount of songs is only “borrowed” until you want a different song. $14.95/month for that?? i’d rather subscribe to XM radio.

another option they have is you can download songs from other users, but in order to keep playing the songs, you have to continue to be a member of napster. this was on their website: “*It is necessary to maintain a Napster subscription in order to continue access to songs downloaded through the Napster service.” in very small print at the bottom, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

they do offer an option where you can download an mp3 to keep and burn and share, like a regular mp3, and how much is that? 99ยข/song, just like itunes.

this may be a case of false advertisement…


i went with nate last night to go see :sin city.” we don’t go see movies much, so this was a big deal.

well, as far as the movie, if you want to tear out your eyes because of grossness and overzealous violence, this is your movie. i do admit, the production and the direction as awesome and VERY true to how a comic book reads. if you can stand holding back puke because of gartuitous violence (or you can cover your eyes, that works too), then please, see this movie, because it’s really a pretty-looking movie. the black and white interspersed with color here and there, and the intertwining storylines are all very spectacular.

the bludgeoning of bad guys’ heads til they’re pulp and the cutting off of limbs to leave to die to the hands of a wolf and the smacking around of women (THAT’s what got to me the most), not so nice.

my survey results: more women than men choose to not see a violent or sex-filled movie.
more women than men choose not to view them because of religious reasons.
the men who feel change after viewing a sex movie feel better about themselves. half the women who feel change feel better about themselves and half feel worse.
and, about half the people feel the government should limit the number of violent or sexual movies released. otherwise known as censorship people! read the first amendment.

domain name

so i think i’m going to get a website up and running this summer. this coincides with my NEED to learn flash. yes, if i want to be an accomplished graphic designer, i need to teach myself flash, as much as the program aggravates me.

anyway, any ideas on what my domain name should be? katesboobs.com is out, i want it to be respectable. paulandfrank.com is too obscure, and no one can spell prairey.com. any ideas? it can be something weird, like purplepetunia.com, i don’t care. i’ll take all suggestions!

and also…any ideas on some good hosting places for cheap, or even better, free? ๐Ÿ™‚ at least until i get my desktop mac and can host on my own?