just desserts

just desserts

a while back i read an article in the star tribune about “just desserts” and how that was not the correct way of spelling it. i was confused at the time, but now i have clarified my thinking. when you are talking about someone, and they are getting what they deserve, it is just deserts, not just desserts. before you go off thinking about just deserts

just deserts

pronounce like you would: the soldier deserts the army.

well, here is the explanation behind “just deserts”
from dictionary.com: “A deserved punishment or reward, as in He got his just deserts when Mary jilted him. This idiom employs desert in the sense of “what one deserves,” a usage dating from the 1300s but obsolete except in this expression.”



a story about people drinking cough syrup to get high! thought it’d be of interest since my bro’s friends are doing this.

let's shop!

those of you who know me (and i think all of you do) know that i am rather amply blessed in the chest area. given this, when i go clothes shopping for button-down shirts, i head over to the plus-size because they are normally more giving in the chest area. what i DON’T want, however, is a mumu. it is possible for someone to have a shape (note: not apple- or pear-shaped) and looking for clothes in the plus-size dept. what is a girl to do?

(here is a pic for those of you who haven’t seen me lately. conincidentally, my cat is also in the pic and you can see basically a good depiction of my current living room.)

not only that, but i have a problem with pants, also. the only things i can confidentally say i enjoy shopping for are: non-button-down shirts, shoes :), underwear, bras, and socks. the pants? i get a pair that fit my waist, and oops, my buttcrack is hanging out for all to see. i get a pair that fit my butt, and oops, they’re too big around the waist, fall down, and my buttcrack is again hanging out for all to see. DILEMMA. (i know, belt! i have one, sometimes it is helpful, sometimes not)

anyway, i may have solved the pants dilemma, as old navy recently came out with some that have more give in the backside dept. i still have not solved the button-down shirt problem (non-button down shirts, they’re fine. i can get those in the regular women’s dept!). i’m off to search the internet for possible solutions.

here is a fuzzy pic of my plants as i was setting up my camera for the picture. basically, the point of this whole post was so i could use my new tripod and remote clicker thingy!!


last night i cruised on over to new london to get some stuff done that i’d been meaning to do for about a month now. i picked up my sister ‘s tax stuff (yes liz! you will finally get some $!!), dropped off a baggie of my brother’s cds that he had left at my place, and got some addresses for my invites so i can get save the date cards sent out.

well, after all this, my mom, brother and i were sitting in the living room discussing the events of the day. i shared my tale of free jimmy’s and charlie added some horror stories from working there as well. then we got on the subject of his friends drinking robitussin recreationally. apparently, the cough suppressant part if it is also a psychadelic drug inducer, called DXM (i think). kandiyohi county has apparently taken all their robitussin and put it behind counters. charlie’s friends are not happy. anyway, when asked what charlie says when asked if he wants to participate in drinking a bottle of cough syrup (eeeewwww), he says,

“i don’t need to get my jollies from drinking a bottle of robitussin.”

so, the werd on the street is that utah is looking to ban porn on the internets. i sure feel sorry for any guy living in utah who would want to frequent porn sites….