more stuff

here are the shoes i’m wearing to my wedding:

and here is the guestbook i bought today:

yes, i bought regular shoes and glued stuff on them.

i also finally broke down and bought a real portfolio to take to interviews. i’d been carrying around one of those leather-ish business case planner dealers, and i thought, man, this looks lame. i need a real portfolio. so i went and bought one. now let’s hope i get an interview. 😀

my site

ok, i have made some additions to my web site. here it is. i added spot for my writing. my columns from the newsleaders are up as well as some school papers and some other crap. i have also added a messageboard.

it’s not to extensive, and if you want to post there regularly, let me know what topics you’d like up there. or just post it on the board. and get other people go to it. 🙂

a special thank you to for setting up hosting 🙂

it happened

i frequent “askmen” sometimes when i’m bored at work. all the men on the messageboards are 100% perfect and deserve nothing less than a women who is 5’7″+ and weighs 105. not an ounce of fat on her either. well, they complain about women who shouldn’t be wearing belly-baring shirts, cuz of their fat rolls. well, i had never seen someone who shouldn’t be wearing a belly-baring shirt, or someone who couldn’t pull it off half decently (and all these women i have seen were probably 25 years old or less).

until friday night. i don’t know if i’m sheltered or what, but i finally saw a woman who should definitely NOT have been wearing what she was wearing. melissa (who visted me last weekend!) and i walked into TGIFridays and a woman walked out who was wearing shorts that were too small for her and a shirt that was definitely too small for her, as her gut was hanging out. we’re talking, this woman’s shirt ended about an inch below her boobs, and there was no way it was meant to cover up everything. #1 – this woman was probably 45+ and had no business wearing clothes like that. #2 – this woman was probably 190 lbs.+ and stood at about 5’5″. #3 – she unabashedly wore the clothes like people wanted to see her gut hanging out!

ugh! what possesses people to do this? 1. dress your age. 2. wear clothes that fit. this, in my opinion, is the main reason askmen men think anyone weighing more than 105 is fat. if you weigh 105 and wear a size too small, you have no fat and you’re fine, but if you wear a size too small and you’re 140, your extra fat will hang over the edge of your pants. especially if they’re ultra low-rise pants like they have to be today. wear pants that fit and a belt (which i forget quite often, the cause of the unattainable pants that fit for me), and your belly fat will be kept in check. 3. if you have a gut, cover it up! no one wants to see that. especially 45-year-old, 3-kids-later, i-live-in-the-sticks gut. except maybe her hubby, cletus.

yes, i’m talking about you, britney.


i dropped off my resume at the place sharon works at: screaming eagle. they might possibly be looking for a graphic designer, which i am happy about.

i go to see the dress alterations lady on thursday so she can see if she can do anything with the dress or if i have to exchange it…again

i have made my website future-employer friendly. take a look: at this!

i am sick of working here. that’s not new.

the kilts are coming along nicely. i have to get measurements from everyone, then i send in the info and they reserve them.

i am still sad/confused as to why my mom worries i’m settling. ugh. why do i constantly have to validate my choices? first it was friends, now it’s my mom. i’m 26 years old for crying out loud. you’d think by now i know what i want.

and just because it might be interesting, here are the books i have on my desk at the moment:
dreamweaver: the missing manual
the inspired retail space. attract customers, build branding, increase volume
marketing by design
flash mx magic
macromedia flash 2004