i had a busy weekend.
friday i got back from austin and i was completely exhausted. i took an hour nap, got meds for my UTI (yes, another one, bleah, but didn’t have to go in to the doc! yay!), then hung out with grandma, and nate came over and we ate supper together, then i went over to my other house and watched sideways, which was a weird little movie.
saturday i slept til 1 p.m., and nate had off, so we went and bought some tomato and green pepper plants and carrot, radish and bean seeds and dug up the garden and planted them. you can read about the ensuing neighborly disaster here. i also cleared out my kitchen of all the boxes, hung some pictures and designed charlie’s grad invite. nate and i went to wally world late and got curtains for the computer room, charcoal, planters, some other crap and it cost $75! eek!!!
sunday, i planted some flowers into pots, watched the veggie garden to see that it wasn’t being plowed under or shed-ified by the neighbors, and figured out this crate shelf thing for the kitchen for the recycling and garbage. i planted some of these suckers:

as well as some other weird looking flowers and some daisies!! yay for daisies.
i figured out the bathroom, too. the blue carpet just wasn’t jiving with the slate-like tile on the floor.
and as an update to the neighborly dispute, yesterday they cleared out the patio at the bottom of our steps. there was a whole bunch of crap in it, as well as their garden swingy sitty thing. they also took down their rope light they had wound around the fence. are they trying to get back at nate and me for planting in the garden and calling the landlord? cuz decluttering the yard isn’t the way to do it. morans.
oh, anyone know anything about MN multiple tenant law? nate’s old roommate moved out and nate renewed the lease, then got a new roommate, who didn’t pay anything for a damage deposit. he also didn’t clean a darn thing at the end. and he got half the deposit back. anything nate can do besides complain or take him to small claims court?
ugh, well that was a small novel.
ps-i have applied for 3 jobs in the past week. cross your fingers i hear from one of them!!!! 😀

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