let's shop!

let's shop!

those of you who know me (and i think all of you do) know that i am rather amply blessed in the chest area. given this, when i go clothes shopping for button-down shirts, i head over to the plus-size because they are normally more giving in the chest area. what i DON’T want, however, is a mumu. it is possible for someone to have a shape (note: not apple- or pear-shaped) and looking for clothes in the plus-size dept. what is a girl to do?

(here is a pic for those of you who haven’t seen me lately. conincidentally, my cat is also in the pic and you can see basically a good depiction of my current living room.)
not only that, but i have a problem with pants, also. the only things i can confidentally say i enjoy shopping for are: non-button-down shirts, shoes :), underwear, bras, and socks. the pants? i get a pair that fit my waist, and oops, my buttcrack is hanging out for all to see. i get a pair that fit my butt, and oops, they’re too big around the waist, fall down, and my buttcrack is again hanging out for all to see. DILEMMA. (i know, belt! i have one, sometimes it is helpful, sometimes not)
anyway, i may have solved the pants dilemma, as old navy recently came out with some that have more give in the backside dept. i still have not solved the button-down shirt problem (non-button down shirts, they’re fine. i can get those in the regular women’s dept!). i’m off to search the internet for possible solutions.

here is a fuzzy pic of my plants as i was setting up my camera for the picture. basically, the point of this whole post was so i could use my new tripod and remote clicker thingy!!

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