the tale of free jimmy's

last night nate decided we should order jimmy’s pizza instead of going to red lobster (my first clue that this was going to be bad – pizza instead of lobster).

well, we ordered, and all was good for about a half an hour. the manager called and told me that he accidentally made a thin crust instead of a deep dish (bleah on the thin crust) so we would get both pizzas for the price of the deep dish. woo for a free pizza! so he said it would be out the door in 15 mintues.

45 minutes later, we were wondering where the pizza was, so nate called to find out. turns out, it had just left like 5 minutes ago (???). so, we wait another 20-25 minutes. no pizza. we call, and the manager didn’t know what was going on. the driver didn’t have a cell phone, so no contact. 10 mins later, the manager calls and says the driver couldn’t find the place. understandable, my place is kinda tricky cuz there’s 2 Washington Memorial Drives, totally not connected. so nate gives him detailed directions, and the dude tells him that he’s going to throw in a take-n-bake too. finally the driver finds our place – after starting out across the street and nate yelling out the door that we were over here, we handed him a $5 tip and ate our pizza. not too shabby! a $40 value!!

i’m going to recommend red lobster next time nate wants to order jimmy’s. 🙂

too much?

for one of my grad classes, each person has to do a 90-minute presentation on one aspect of the media (print, film, television, advertising, PR, etc) and apply critical thinking we’ve learned in class to said media. this is a pretty open-ended project – the possibilities are endless.

well, they say, do what you know. do you think this is extremely too dorky and shows what a huuuge nerd i am? doing my presentation on applying a feminist critique on xena? it would be a) fun for me b) easy to apply the thinking to c) easy to present on for 90 minutes. is that TOO dorky or do you think it would go over well?

the internet abounds with helpful guides on feminism in xena.



v-day was uneventful. seriously. couldn’t get any less eventful than how it was. nate and i went out to eat the night before. the actual day, i made him a card with hearts on the front and a bee on the inside w/bee mine, i even cut and pasted and colored. then i bought some lind truffles (SOOOOOOOOO good MMMMMMMMM – ok thye were more for me :)) and a bottle of champagne from not champagne, france.

and nate got me……nothing. ok, the guy’s broke, but he could’ve scribbled on a piece of paper or something “i heart you.” he did say happy v-day and i love you and stuff, and as much as this sham of a holiday grates on my nerves, it still would’ve been nice to have somehting. 🙁

at least my cat loves me.


ok, you all know me, i’m all feminist. i’m all for equal rights of women, i’m all for a guy cooking for me and staying home with the kids. but i’m not dumb, some women WANT to do this, and if this is what they want, so be it. that’s their choice.

anywho, the rest of this post will be slightly reversing my thoughts on feminism.

i’m taking a diversity class for my grad program. basically, we’re understanding how white males hold power and if they don’t hold power and are beginning to lose it, they start radio programs like rush limbaugh where they make fun of all minorities and those . understood.

also, we are understanding how each culture is not to melted together and not homogenized and each culture should be celebrating their differences, and not have to submit to the power of white males. understood.

ok, now here’s the point of post:
in a society where we should all embrace our heritage and cultures and be who we are, why are females (feminazis in particular) hell-bent on being all mannish? shouldn’t we embrace that difference just like we embrace our cultures and heritage? so what if some women are more inclined to stay in the home, that is a cultural difference and acceptable.


well, for my entire life up til a year ago, i managed to snag a bed buddie or male companion of whatever sort they are, not on valentine’s day. and hence, v-day just wasnt that appealing.

last year, nate had just lost his job and his mom was doing crappy, so he was not in a v-day mood. this year he hs no money, but i think he’s gonna make me a card, which will be ubersweet. 🙂

anywho, i have money. what should i do? go see a movie? get him a big flowery heart? order heart shaped pizza? we both have to work on monday (and i will be doing homeowkr), so possibly we would do something on sunday?? any ideas?

and, for those of you who must know, my sister i believe is in paris w/her dougie on v-day. what a poo. 😛

today's topic

today there was an editorial piece in teh st cloud times about how story chat (basically messageboard) posters should be required to post their names because of hate speech so they can be routed out and punished (i guess).

i think this lady’s a nutcase. the beauty of the internet IS anonymity. if you are required to post your real name on the SCTimes story chat board, then i’d guess 95% of people wouldn’t post there anymore.

would you post your real name on a public msgboard if you were required, even if it is a topic you are really opinionated on and want to opine to great depths on said topic?

health care

hmm, why is health care supposedly a choice and not a right? just cuz some guy makes $300,000, his health is more important than mine, making $25,000? i don’t choose to be sick nor do i choose to get a life-threatening disease. i fail to see the logic.