i have resigned myself to the fact that come nov. 3, bush still might be preseident. as much as i think this guy is an idiot and needs the boot back to texas, home of rich cowboys, half the country seems to like him (god only knows why). but the other half absolutely HATES him (i can’t stand to even look at him, him and that little smirk of his, like he KNOWS he’s duping the country and is enjoying it!). has there ever been such an animosity for a president?

when ronald reagan was in office, my mom went to washington DC and was standing on a street corner when the prez’s car went by. as much as she is not republican, she couldn’t help but be in awe as he passed and waved at the people. if she were in DC now and bush’s car drove by, she’d probably spit on it and beat out the windows to get at him.

so, i implore, what would a person making less than $200,000/yr have to gain from wanting bush in office? their taxes aren’t going up.Β guns?Β the rights of the unborn? (but who cares if the unborn are then born into poverty and otherwise crappy living conditions that we don’t want to fund – keep your legs closed! *sarc*).

my brain hurts

i took a practice GRE. it wasn’t so bad. but it hurt my brain.

anyway, last night i went to my grandma’s house cuz my uncle jon who lives in montana and no one hardly ever sees was there visiting. there were5 of my mom’s sibs and her there, plus about 9 of my sibs/cousins around. it’s a lot of people for a place as little as my grandma’s, plus, everyone looooves to talk, so it was a constant yelling time. nate was like, can we go yet? i’m getting overwhelmed. and altho i love a good talkfest once in a while, i had to agree with him. so we left and went to bed bath and beyond.

lo and behold, i found an awesome piece that would be a nice addition to my decor (on top of my tv) but i cannot justify the $20 i would spend on it.

but it’s so cute! i want it.