well, i had to do this, too


Average Christian
You’re not going to become a minister anytime soon, but you do your best to live your life in a Christian way. This means that although you probably don’t attend church every Sunday, you do your best to follow the Ten Commandments, help the needy and generally be an all around good person. Who needs to follow the entire bible anyways? It was written ages ago, and Christ transmuted it by giving his life.

o m g

today i got something inthe mail that was sent to my old address (crack house) and forwarded to me.

it was a bill for a phone call mitch made from jail.


because the phone was in my name, i get billed for his stupid collect calls.

$6.42 isnt’ much, but it still irks me! if it’d been $62.42, then i would’ve found him and given it to him.

ugh!!! way to scratch on a scab and make it bleed again.


so, hmm…

not much is going on. i had a surprsingly calm weekend. thursday i had a company christmas party and got two gift certificates for restaurants.

saturday i finished cookies (finally) and then went to nate’s sister’s for a mini xmas. so weird. her bf’s entire family was there, as well as nate’s mom and dad. so weird. these people i didn’t know. so weird!

anyway, today i went to shopko and target (i know, i know, week before christmas in the mall???). it was pretty boring. i got some stuff, but i can’t remember what i got. yep, preeeetty darn boring.

in other news, it’s cold in here.


this saturday is nate’s family’s mini christmas. any ideas what to get his family?

his mom has a short attention span (from chemo) so maybe a movie

his sister is 25 and lives in a podunk town about 20 mins from duluth and has a bf who has a little girl.

ideas? ideas? please?


i love it when i make a profit on a book. i bought one of my books for the past semester online and paid $45 for it. i sold it back today for $63.


best thing ever!

also had a company xmas party tonight and got a bonus of $224


it was a $300 day!


i had a “final” last night. we did a group review, then a class review, then we handed in our projects. woowee, i was there for 15 minutes. thursday is the big sucker tho. i have to start studying tonight for that one. ick!

scott peterson got the death penalty – i love how this country kills people who kill people to show that killing is wrong. what a bunch of hypocrites. 😛 and that’s all i’m gonna say about that.

on another note, i downloaded itunes for my computer at work. i like it so much at home, it goes on here as well. i’m listening to celtic radio. this afternoon i get to go door prize shopping for the christmas party. woohoo! $300 budget. hmm, what to get.