my brain hurts

my brain hurts

i took a practice GRE. it wasn’t so bad. but it hurt my brain.
anyway, last night i went to my grandma’s house cuz my uncle jon who lives in montana and no one hardly ever sees was there visiting. there were5 of my mom’s sibs and her there, plus about 9 of my sibs/cousins around. it’s a lot of people for a place as little as my grandma’s, plus, everyone looooves to talk, so it was a constant yelling time. nate was like, can we go yet? i’m getting overwhelmed. and altho i love a good talkfest once in a while, i had to agree with him. so we left and went to bed bath and beyond.
lo and behold, i found an awesome piece that would be a nice addition to my decor (on top of my tv) but i cannot justify the $20 i would spend on it.

but it’s so cute! i want it.

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