a conundrum

so nate is going to school and he starts in two weeks. he can take out a self loan, but he needs a cosigner (because all self loans do). he doesn’t want to bother family members about this because of some problems that are going on right now. so he’s taking out a different loan with a higher interest rate and not really guaranteed like a self loan.

3/4 of me is saying, don’t you co-sign!!! nightmarish things have come of co-signing.

1/4 of me is saying, you’re probably going to marry him anyway and your funds will be dispersed, and your credit will be joint anyway, so what’s the matter with co-signing?

a quandry
a conundrum
a dilemma

i don’t know


dear people using the internet to sell, impress, or get a date:

please realize that your basic spelling/grammar skills are going to be criticized and if you don’t HAVE any basic spelling/grammar skills, please get some or stay off the internet. I will demean your intelligence and/or not buy anything from you if you can’t present yourself in a professional manner and at least SPELL or know how to USE basic words correctly.


your = possesive belonging to you. “i’m looking at your cat right now.” it is your cat, it belongs to you.

you’re = you are. a contraction. don’t use your in place of you’re. it makes you appear dumb.

their = possessive belong to some bunch of people not including you. “i’m looking at their cat right now.” the cat belongs to them.

they’re = they are. a contraction.

there = a place. over there. somewhere over there.

for all other spelling issues please visit dictionary.com