so it’s only tuesday and this weekend i’m going to spicer for the fourth!!! i’m so excited!! there’s rain in the forecast tho, so i hope it stays away for sat. night and sunday.

also, i’m fixing the company web site and it’s a MESS, a total and complete MESS and it’s going to take a ton of work to make it look good. but, i have to get the catalog done first.

Company Web Site

i warned you!


so i’m cruising my usual news sites today, and perchance i just decide to go on msn again, just for the heck of it. lately i’ve been avoiding all things msn because of their huge monopoly.
i come to the main page and lo and behold, and article on wireless internet
there is a pic.

and what is it of?
on msn.

hell just froze over.

now watch this drive.

watch for new goodbye!

ugh i have to go to new london tonight for a late father’s day celebration. and i left my sunglasses at home.

i’m also working on the flyer at work and it’s a pain in the butt! already. i haven’t even finished page one.

now watch this drive

i heart…

i heart a lot of stuff right now!
i heart my new grill so i can grill chicken mm mm
i heart july 4 in spicer (2 weeks baby!)
i heart my new cable tv (finally!)
i heart my kitty
i heart new gmail. i have 2 accts!

i got the latest cosmo (yes, i know, i’m getting a bit old for it) and inside there was a bumper sticker-type thingy from citibank and it had a pre-printed “I ” and then it was blank so you could fill in what you heart. cool!


so it’s sunday, and sundays sucks. i’m still considering not going back to school because my financial aid package sucks. i have to talk to my mom about it, see what she says. i don’t know if it’s worth it anymore!

you know what, i really like my bf. it was 8 months last thursday. no doubts!

but my UTI is back


i'm back

well i was back last sunday, but i’ve slacked on updating. oh well.

i enjoyed the trip to SD. it got long after 5 days tho. too much time with my parents and my dad’s horrendous driving!

example of my dad driving:

  • no blinker, EVER.
  • drives 58 mph on the 75 mph zone freeway in SD
  • drives 15 mph down city streets with a line of people behind him
  • drives 68 on the 55 mph MN highways (does this make sense?)
  • can’t hear CRAP (in order to talk to him, you need to yell his name so he has your attention, then you start talking loudly).
  • cuts people off BADLY. not only does he cut them off, but he’s pulling a trailer and turns into lanes insanely slow so the person has to slow down a ton or zoom around him.

i just close my eyes a pray i live another day.

i will post pics soon!