today i get to leave work at noon! i’m excited! last night nate and i spent like 2 hours making a poster for jane’s grad party (which is tomorrow) and that was tedious. ugh! what a pain, but it looks good! i’m getting antsy, only two more hours of work and then i’m done. i wish i worked 4 hours every day. that’d be nice!

AND a nice long weekend after this to boot! yay!! going to the 90s on sunday!!!!

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things i liked about CSB

this year marks 3 years since i’ve been at st. ben’s. i really liked that place. here’s why:

mcglynn’s had awesome mozerella stick wiht a little plastic thingy of marinara sauce. they also had very good subs or wraps or whatever youw anted and their crab salad was excellent!

vincent smiles
when i was a senior i took my required JC class (judeo christian for us catholic kids pope points) with vincent smiles on a recommendation from someone my first year there. paul’s letters. it was THE BEST class i ever took at that school. well, not the best class content-wise, but the best class prof-wise. vincent smiles is awesome.

parking passes
at the time, i thought the price for the parking passes was horrendous: $40 to park in a lot for the whole year!! i wasn’t happy. BUT when i compare it to say, SCSU, $40 is CHEAP. don’t knock it. plus, you dont’ have to walk five miles to get to your dorm.

the sidewalks were cobblestone! at least i knew where my tuition $ was going.

top 8 tv shows

ok, let’s get the obvious out of the way:



sex and the city
craig kilborn
family guy
the endings of X-Files (i would watch the last 10 mins before herk/xena came on)


top ten fave restaurants

outback (just for their fries, and they have good caeser salad)
tgifridays, except they got rid of my favorite thing!
baker’s square
granite city
mexican village
Jimmy’s pizza

megan had an idea for this: next entry i will list my fave restaurants. so, if you have any ideas, like if you want me to do a list or opinion on something, then post a comment and i’ll do it!

ooh ooh my camera’s supposed to come today!!! i’m so excited! i’m taking a late lunch in hopes that it will come while i’m there. ooooooh!