i'm back

i'm back

well i was back last sunday, but i’ve slacked on updating. oh well.
i enjoyed the trip to SD. it got long after 5 days tho. too much time with my parents and my dad’s horrendous driving!
example of my dad driving:

  • no blinker, EVER.
  • drives 58 mph on the 75 mph zone freeway in SD
  • drives 15 mph down city streets with a line of people behind him
  • drives 68 on the 55 mph MN highways (does this make sense?)
  • can’t hear CRAP (in order to talk to him, you need to yell his name so he has your attention, then you start talking loudly).
  • cuts people off BADLY. not only does he cut them off, but he’s pulling a trailer and turns into lanes insanely slow so the person has to slow down a ton or zoom around him.

i just close my eyes a pray i live another day.
i will post pics soon!

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