doing hw

i’m actually getting a head start on my homeowkr. i am almost done with my english, and then i have to do my math problems. ick! but still.

i keep expecting my stupid roommates to show up at the door. i can hardly wait, i will call the cops so fast they won’t know what happened. haha! i think i’m going to set up a wep on my network tho, i can see mitch having kurt drive over here and dumping something weird on my computer. ugh!

i’m supposed to go to menard’s, but i don’t know where nate is! he wants to get shelving. hmmm! at least i’m clean now and ready to go.

tomorrow’s work and school! 🙁 i hate when weekends end.


she is bugging me to write something about her! so here it is. i think she just wants to comment on herself. hmm

SO TIRED done with work in half an hour!


hm, well last night i was studying math like a good little student and someone’s banging at my door.

lo and behold!

it’s kerin and zach. it’s 12:15 a.m.

kerin asks me to pay the charter bill, which i was only there for half the month, didn’t watch tv and was blocked from the internet. $13 i can spare tho.

THEN they bring up that they havne’t found anyone to take my place yet and i have to pay april rent. um no. i asked if they got my letter i sent, yes they got it, but apparently they didn’t read it? cuz they still want me to pay april rent.

OK i have one thing to say THEY ARE BIG STUPID BUTTHEAD BULLIES and why should i pay rent for a place i don’t even live at? let alone was told repeatedly that i wasn’t welcome at??

DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? i think not.


well my spring break week is almost over 🙁 so sad.

last night i went to krispy kreme because they had a deal going on: buy the sampler and get a box of glazed doughnuts for free. well. i thought i was going to get a box of assorted and a box of glazed and it would cost like $7. no. the sample consists of a box of assorted and a box of glazed, plus the free box. so i ended up getting 2 boxes of glazed and a box of assorted and it cost $13! OMG i am overloaded with doughnuts now.

i installed spybot on my work computer this morning because there was something weird with my browser – it kept quitting and making links to words that shouldn’t have been linked. it was weird. well, ran spybot and dumped all the bad stuff and now all is good.

ugh, time to pretend to work.

2 emails

so to counter the evil megan entry, here is a good megan entry. megan is cool.
i got three emails tonight while i wasn’t online and was watching tv endlessly. 2 from megan and 1 from my coworker who was my coworker at the newsleaders too. turns out she’s bored with this job and she would rather have stayed at the papers! interesting. she wants to use me as a reference if need be. that’s fine with me, but if she leaves i will be kind of a lone person at work. i think the main thing working against me there is the age difference. everyone is so much older except for the snotty csb student. so i’m not quite sure what to do. i will definitely stay there until after i get done with school (remember KATE’S GRE FUND??? paypal!) and then i’m not sure what to do. that’s at least 2 more years there. at least i’m getting paid well enough to handle being there, even if i am bored a lot of the time. after i’m done i’ll have a masters in advertising, which counts for something. maybe i’ll start my own company, web design and graphic design. hmmmm, i dont’ think it would be as boring as what i’m doing now! there’s just so much artistic freedom with animal supplies. meaning = not much. the catalog is same old same old for about 120 pages, but i’m looking forward to the cover, a 4-color extravagnaza. i really like working with covers and photoshop. if i could find a photoshop job, that would be ideal, working in cool photoshop all day, the best program ever coded.
ugh it’s almost 1 a.m. and i have to work tomorrow, so i should sleep sometime. i wish i worked at 9 or 10 instead of 8.
my kitty has been ultra-affectionate lately. i think she finally understands i am her owner. she’s excited to see me when i get home and sleeps right by my head at night. she rumbles like a monster truck, but that’s ok, it’s cute.
ok, must sleep. bed is calling.


i;m on my lunch from work right now and i’m watching vh1, the old people’s mtv. yes, i prefer vh1 over mtv.
i am also eating ramen noodles! MMM i haven’t had these in a while.
so i am eagerly awaiting summer. st cloud superman will be out in full force. i haven’t seen sober jesus guy in a while, i wonder what happened to him. i might have to cruise D and look out for him.


branden told me he needs to refer me to get this account. uh, no. i signed up lickety split like and here i am.

it’s friday and it’s 3:45 and i want to go home, but i’m at work. i should be working, and i probably will do a little work, but until then i’m procrastinating. i worked this morning, at least be proud of me a little.

tonight megan is visiting, so that’s good. people visit me! 😀 plus she hasn’t seen my new place, so this will be fun.

a haiku

spring approaches now

but cold wind whips overhead

winter’s not gone yet