hair care interlude

my hair has been really dry lately, which i attributed to my getting old and grey.

i decided to try out a couple things i found on pinterest for helping hair, here and here.

the first one is a mix of olive oil, honey, and apple cider vinegar. work into hair and let rest for 30-60 mins. the second is just coconut oil rubbed into hair.

omg – the difference is insane! i suppose all the sweat from running didn’t help, along with more hair washing because of the sweat. the gal who wrote the coconut oil post recommends doing it once a week, so i might try to at least do it once a month and see if it makes a more considerable difference in my hair.

(i also got some decent shampoo and conditioner, which should help as well.)

PS – NO WORK TOMORROW! i cannot buy advertising for FB and twitter that gets the sort of response and new followers that announcing a closure does. INSANE!

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