by request, a running update

by request, a running update

i got an anonymous* request for some of my current running tips and routine.
i’ve written a couple posts with running tips, so i’ll link and summarize:
1. runrunrunrun – 5 top tips from kate for running.

– gamify
– gear
– go (slow)
– get pumped up
– just do it

2. on bad runs – my crappy 10k

sometimes you just have to get out there and run, even if you’re: not fueled up, tired, slow, and/or feeling gross.

3. another running post – back at it

in which i discuss how people feel the need to cheer on hefty runners, even if they can run farther than a skinny runner. that makes me feel happy and patronized at the same time.

4. it’s hard jane – getting through couch to 5k is an ordeal

my c25k experience. how long it took, how much it sucked, what ailments i endured, etc.

my current routine? treadmill. ugh. treadmills suck. that said, i try to run at least 40 mins once a week and half an hour another two times a week, always in the evening. (and it sucks. i’ve really been not doing so well.) i still run between a 12-13 minute mile.

now that i have my fitbit, i’ve been trying to walk the days i don’t run so i can get 10,000 steps a day in. the walking is actually helping a little bit since it stretches out my longer leg muscles. while i run, i either listen to my running music playlist or an audiobook. when i walk, i bring down the laptop and watch TV shows on netflix/amazon.

another couple months and i’ll start running outside again. when i run outside, i tend to run a little more often, 4 times a week or more, and i’ll run 4+ miles at least once a week. this summer i think i’ll try to run more distance.

* not so anonymous, since megan posted it on facebook

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