no question bill. BLOG.

it’s that time of year again! KABLPOMO will commence in four – count ’em – FOUR days. (for the uninitiated, KAte’s BLog POsting MOnth is me attempting to blog every day for the month of november, to coincide with nanowrimo.)
i’m not gonna lie – the first week or so may be inundated with pictures of my new house and unpacking process, after which i might be able to settle down into pure KABLPOMO-ness.
what to expect from this year’s KABLPOMO?
more pinter-tests, real-life experiments on things i find on pinterest. more pictures, especially of the new house, my cats, and food i make. hopefully some meaningful content such as reminisces, social commentary, and updates on devil’s syrup.
at the same time, due to nanowrimo, i will be trying to work more on my DS book, so there might be some excerpts from that and more insights. plus, i may just hit a milestone weight, at which time i will be sending out a big blog post.
now. on to some more business.
my long-time readers may have realized that next year marks my 10th year of blogging. as such, i am going to attempt to do KABLPOYE next year to mark the anniversary. yes, i will attempt to blog EVERY SINGLE DAY in 2014. this will require some prep work in december, and there will probably be a lot of days where it will be photos only, but ultimately this will be a good thing. i will also be moving katerrific.com to plain old katerrific.com so it’s easier for you to find.
so, come for KABLPOMO, and stay (or come back) for KABLPOYE 2014. your voyeuristic creeper side will be completely satisfied.

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