October 17, 2013

go go home loan!

so the government is open, which means my home loan, personal, and business loan can now be processed! woo! i’m just hoping they aren’t so backlogged that we need to push the closing date back. i guess we’ll just play it by ear.
this round of home buying seems to be a little more labor-intensive on my part. it makes me realize that my previous realtor was a really good realtor for buying a house. she paid for the home inspection (which we didn’t have this time around because it was a new house), she called all the utilities and had them connect us (which my current realtor made sure to point out that i had to do this), and she touched base with me all the time (seems like my realtor is MIA sometimes, especially worrisome during this shutdown fiasco).
on top of that, because my insurance agent is still up in st cloud, i have to do some legwork for them as well. i have to go out and take pictures of the house to send in with the insurance application. might be time to switch to someone down here, especially since my original insurance dude quit 🙁
as it is now, in two weeks nate and i will be closing on our house. hope that continues to be the plan!

my future downtown
my future downtown


3 thoughts on “go go home loan!

    1. i’m getting close. i just have a lot of stuff that seems like it should be in boxes when it doesn’t need to be. nate and i are attacking the electronics closet tonight.

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