tomorrow i’m making jane go to infinity tattoo with me to check out what they have. if the price for a triple or double forward helix piercing is reasonable, i might just walk out with one. the other thing i’m trying to nail down is my tree tattoo.
i was going to get it last year after i got my job, but the foot book held my brain and i got that instead. so now back to the tree and the dilemma of where to put it and what exactly to get. i think i have a place nailed down, especially if i do a single tree: on my right outside leg above my ankle. it’s an overdone location, but i don’t know where else i would put it that makes sense with the roots.
the second half of this is do i want an orangey-yellowy-reddish maple tree? or a stand (4 of them – for my sibs and me!) of quaking aspen?
download  tree-15_19_1-Tree-Sunrise-Northumberland_web
the single tree, obvs, would not be bare – just like the shape of it and especially the trunk.
quaking aspen remind me of walking through the woods at st. john’s during autumn. if i make them small enough, above the ankle still might work. but i like the single tree idea too (that would def. go above my ankle).
opinions? ideas? i’m driving myself crazy.

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  1. when we go to infinity, you can always ask the opinion of the artist and see what s/he says about location, design, size, # of trees, etc. you can always get more than one tree tattoo

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