a tale of a run and tattoo

a tale of a run and tattoo

i’d been waiting for this weekend for a while. i’ve been wanting to do a color run for a while, and jane needed to get an “official” 5k under her belt, and both my sisters and i were able to actually participate! so once i knew jane would be coming down friday night, i thought about taking her to infinity tattoo here in town (recommended by jane herself as well as an ex(?) who is a huge tattoo fan) to see about my tree tattoo (finally) and a triple forward helix piercing.

i might still try to get this – at least two of them – in the next month or so.

i thought i was going to get the piercing that night; that was my plan anyway.
liz ended up coming over on friday as well, and she pulled in just as jane and i were pulling out to head over to infinity (after a hard 2 hours of LBP karting). we piled into the tattoo parlor, i gave the artist my sketch of what i was thinking (the 4 quaking aspens) and she said she could do it for $150 – CHEAP. (i had gotten a quote from jeff’s a couple years ago with a crappy drawing the dude did of one tree and he estimated $200.) on top of that, i asked the piercer about the forward helixes. he said he didn’t do them; so that plan was shot for the night! so instead, i made an appointment for saturday for the tattoo.
the color run was awesome! i’d say we ran about 1/3-1/2 of the 5k and got all colored up. two things i would change: the route was way convoluted and there was no water station! definitely recommend at least a water station. but it was fun and an awesome experience, especially for jane with her first 5k, and i am looking forward to the big gay race in september (i hope jane can come!).
liz had to leave, and jane and i took a little tour over to st charles and drove past the future wallace residence. once we came back, it was tattoo time.
painit took about 45 minutes all told. the artist – jackie – was really quick with outlines, and my leg didn’t start twitching at all (i was a little worried about that). see the grip i have on my chair? that isn’t fake.
when she was done, the cost ended up being only $130. i was going to leave her a huge tip because i love it, but there was no tip line on their credit slip! that was unfortunate, but maybe it’s one of those places that don’t accept tips. ah well.
so there we go – all in all a productive weekend. and i might be ready for fall!

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