as most of you know, i’m working my way through the hercules and xena episodes again, very slowly. while perusing episodes, i noticed that a couple of the seasons have less episodes than others. i already knew that “lyre lyre” (one of the best xena episodes) was missing, but i didn’t know there were more.

so i did a comparison, thank you wikipedia.

missing herk episodes:
yes viriginia, there is a hercules (season 4) (great episode)
greece is burning (season 5) (another great episode!!)

missing xena episodes:
lyre lyre (season 5)
antony and cleopatra (also season 5)

why these episodes?? i could possibly see some weird copyright thing with lyre lyre since it uses a bunch of tunes that are copyrighted, but the others? i’ll have to watch them and see what’s going on in those episodes that would get them booted off netflix.

ETA: omg i had to pull out my dvds. watching virginia episode now! #nerdworldproblems