i have read 6 books on monsanto, corn subsidies, big agriculture, the farm bill, etc. i have read 2 memoirists i would like to emulate. i have about 20 sites bookmarked that i have yet to read, mostly current studies and news items that wouldn’t be in books yet. “the omnivore’s dilemma” is on my coffee table to read yet. may 3 is 2 days away! that’s my official start date for writing the big thing.
i think it sounds so pretentious to say, “yah, i’m writing a book.” at the same time i feel like a fraud: who am i to write a book? meanwhile mom says i’m writing my memoir, and i feel that’s a little too broadbased and STILL pretentious; i’m 33 – what do i have to write about, anyway? so, i need a code word for this project. extended blog entry? i’m writing a blog extension? hmmm.
and, i’m also trying to most of the writing on google drive, at least copy/pasta when i’m done for the day to have a backup. i can make it shared so whoever wants to read it can take a look whenever. i’m not going to promise new material every day, and there might be times when i ask some of you to take a look and give suggestions. let me know if you’d like the doc(s) shared with you!

5 thoughts on “prepared?

  1. but you are writing a memoir-it’s a story from part of your past-it’s your experiences with devil’s syrup written down. you could always call it a manuscript. but i say be pretentious! you’re writing about a book about your experiences with devil’s syrup-it’s a factual memoir in manuscript form. (yay! my sister’s writing a book!)

  2. please share with me!
    it’s not pretentious to say you’re writing a book. it’s what you’re doing. you’ve been writing forever, you’re just finally putting one in book form.
    and this thing better be dedicated to me for planting the idea. or i should at least get an acknowledgement somewhere…

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